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Good Germans

347 days ago

The death of Iconic labs Part 2 - Who will be holding toxic Dave & the 3 Good Germans to account: the courts, the administrator or EGHOF?

It is only a matter of time before Iconic (ICON) is put into administration and I shall then be one upstanding citizen who contacts the administrator about the conduct of the Good Germans, the three directors who quit on Monday, as well as former chairman and then shadow director toxic Dave Sefton whose private companies have grown rapidly using Iconic’s cash. But I shall not be alone. Death spiral provider EHGOF claims it is owed cash by Iconic and has launched the most explicit broadside at toxic Dave and the Good Germans (John Quinlan, Liam Harrington and Sam Asante) with specific, shocking allegations, and making clear threats. 


358 days ago

Chatting to my IRA pal about the EU punishment beatings of we Brits

Where my DNA comes from Sinn Fein and the IRA are seen as one and the same so he is known in this household as my pal in the IRA. Certainly he is proud of its actions – he celebrates the killing of British soldiers, something his forebears took part in. But, given the timing of the arrival of my family in his home county of Donegal (the 1650s), we know not to go chat about such matters. He knows that I wear an Ulster rugby shirt and we have much else to discuss anyway. Yesterday, he called to tease me about problems with Brexit, kicking off with Dutch customs officials seizing the ham sandwiches of British lorry drivers.