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Great Western Mining

548 days ago

Great Western Mining – the case of the dog that barked in the night.

The mystery of that dog is that there was no barking. The mystery of today’s mega spoof from Great Western Mining (GWMO) a long term hound from the AIM kennels, is what the company does NOT say, rather than what it does say. The omissions are critical.


717 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Zak Mir's kiss of death as I celebrate P45s for vermin journalists

I have spent most of the day recording videos for MineProphets and should warn you that Zak Mir has served up a double kiss of death. Anyway the content is – forgive my conceit – excellent so please book your seat now HERE.  In the podcast I discuss scumbags at Blue Rock Diamonds (BRD), Great Western Mining (GWMO) and its scumbag broker Novum, Kefi Minerals (KEFI) where I was wrong about something and Big Sofa (BST).


865 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - So what really did happen at Great Western & is Zenith near toast?

In today’s podcast I look aty one theory about the past 48 hourse at Great Western Mining (GWMO). i shall be asking the FCA to investigate. I pass on a rumour about Zenith Energy (ZEN) which, if true, will rapidly accelerate its already inevitable demise and I explain why directors of Dev Clever (DEV) should be in jail. Hell’s teeth, Dev’s year end is November 30 not December 31 as I thought, making this case of securities fraud even worse than I describe in the bearcast. Lock em up starting with boss Chris Jeffries. Again I shall be contacting the FCA.  I also look at NMC Health (NMC) and Novacyt (NCYT). Now that we are at 5 rogue bloggers for Woodlarks, with more rogue bloggers gto be announced soon, surely all listeners can spare a tenner to donate HERE


962 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: On Christmas Pudding day that Gary Newman is just far, far too kind

A hectic day of domestic goddessery is almost upon me so it is a short bearcast. In it I take the argument on Great Western Mining (GWMO) far further than Gary does in his article of today. Gary is damning but even that is too kind. Then it is on to Sy James Place (STJ) and the rest of the charlatans in the wealth management industry.


1350 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: on Oxi day why conman, cheat and lying fraudster Darren Winters loves the EU

It is Oxi day here in Greece and I explain the historic context of that which brings me to why the EU has enabled conman Darren Winters to keep cheating the vulnerable and parting them from their money. I then look at Crawshaw (CRAW), Blue Jay Mining (JAY), Great Western Mining (GWMO) which is the ultimate penny dreadful, SalvaRx (SALV) and VR Education (VRE). And I should warn my old pal, the offshore based asset stripper, Jim Mellon that I have more bad news for him over the weekend.


1429 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: is Elon Musk of Tesla going to jail and UKOG's latest smear c/o the Daily Mail is a new low

In this podcast I cover Tesla (TSLA) which is curiouser and curiouser, Optibiotix (OPTI) and the parasitic vampire that is ADVFN (AFN), Great Western Mining (GWMO), Toople (TOOP), Angus Energy (ANGS), the Brockham Well, UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) anmd its latest despicable smear c/o yellow journalists at The Daily Mail and cheered on by the vermin paid share rampers of LSE Share Talk


1460 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - that Richard Jennings is a good man, Tony Baldry is not

Say what you like about Richard Jennings of Align Research but, though he has his faults, he has made a very generous donation to the Woodlarks walk campaign and we are now 53% of the way to target. See just how generous and perhaps spare a tenner, as you consider my training walk in today's stifling heat, HERE. In the podcast I look at Great Western Mining (GWMO), Andalas (DOG), MySquar (FRAUD), IQE (IQE), Westminster Group (WSG) - run by loathsome slug and ex Tory MP Tony Baldry - and TrakM8 (TRAK).


2268 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 20 April - Dealing with Oakley's latest deposit

You may say that Oakley's latest deposit and Teather's Financial (TEA) have a lot in common. I cover both in this podcast apologising and dishing out blame for the latter at least. I also cover 88 Energy (88E) and Great Western Mining (GWMO) which is also a total piece of Turkish. I look at Tertiary Minerals (TYM) and also cover PGC Entertainment (PGCE).


3121 days ago

Liam McGrattan’s IMC Exploration – You could not make this up, the man is a sheer comic genius

The man who brought us Oil & Gas (the dog ate the documentation that validated our claims, booted off PLUS, etc.), TeknoMining ( gone bust, made all its claims up) and Great Western Mining (see here for that comedy) has another vehicle, listed ( well suspended) on ISDX. I tell you Liam McGrattan is a sheer comic genius. He is entertainment value off the Richter scale.

IMC is suspended for failing to publish its accounts for the year ended 30th June 2013. In the first half of the year IMC made a loss of 165,000 Euro on turnover of zippo and so I would suggest that auditing that business is going to be simpler than auditing, Kung Food, the tiny Chinese takeaway across the road from me.

What possible reason could there be for not filing accounts for such a small enterprise on time? It is all I suspect part of Liam’s mission to entertain. But it gets better...oh boy does it get better.

You know that one about trying to slip out an embarrassing RNS release when no-one is looking? If you issue the bad news at any time after 5 PM it is a bit iffy. At 6 PM that is well out of order. But Liam does not do well out of order he operates in a totally different league.


3178 days ago

Great Western Mining City Presentation – Libel Action, Survival, Plan B?

I arrived late and so missed the presentation by AIM listed Great Western Mining (GWMO) – a company where I have – correctly – been mega bearish for some time. However free booze was on offer and so I stayed for a long chat with the management and a couple of other stakeholders. I think I may have to initiate legal proceedings against non exec Mr Christopher Hall but that was not my only conclusion.


3332 days ago

On the AIM Cesspit The looming collapse of Great Western Mining- It is all my fault apparently

Oh dear, the word on the street is that things are going badly wrong at Great Western Mining (GWMO) but apparently the company is saying that “it is all Tom Winnifrith’s fault.”  As I go to clear another space on the Mantelpiece for my next trophy let me explain.

On May 10th I pointed out that the balance sheet of Great Western was almost certainly a train wreck. That is to say cash minus trade payables was somewhere between just over nil and minus quite a bit. With no revenues at all it strikes that if it is not already trading while insolvent it soon will be. That as you are aware is a very naughty thing to do and if directors are aware that a company is trading while insolvent they have a legal duty to stop doing so and that means a statement that its shares are being suspended pending clarification. But heck this is the Cesspit so what do rules matter?

Now it is clear that Great Western (at 1.725p valued at £1.12 million) needs to raise material cash to keep going. But that is rather hard to do for three reasons:



3342 days ago

Friday Caption Contest on Sunday – US Oil & Gas Edition

What a week. I feel that I have given David Cameron both barrels in the Tomograph and so what else to feature in this week’s caption contest? The retirement of that miserable old toad Sir Alex Fergie? Nope I have sworn to leave that alone since the mainstream media is obsessed by it? The looming bankruptcy of Spain? Prince Harry in the US? Nope it has to be the tragedy come comedy that is US Oil & Gas (USOP).

The prize for this week’s caption contest? Rather like the prize for owning USOP shares there is none.  But feel free to post whatever caption you feel appropriate in the comments section below for this little picture.



For what it is worth my entry is


3344 days ago

Great Western Mining, the USOP fallout continues, drill results don't wash

Shares in AIM cesspit listed Great Western Mining (GWMO) tanked on Friday after an RNS which – in the wake of the US Oil & Gas (USOP) and Teknomining debacles – simply does not was. At 2.55p and capitalised at just £2 million this company is heading rapidly towards having shares of “toast investment grade.” Its problems are manifest but the history of it and other companies established by Liam McGrattan and cronies is the issue.

With every McGrattan resources promote we start with the big claims. The shares motor ahead. The placings ensue. And then McGrattan steps down from the board to pursue other business interests, run a Paris hedge fund or whatever. Then cronies such as Nial Rind step down. And then with USOP and Teknomining we have now firmly established that the claims made were sheer 100% bollocks.

We have yet to establish how many shares (for which they paid sod all) in USOP and Teknomining McGrattan and his cronies sold, when they sold and at what price. That would be fascinating data I suspect.

Great Western was a tad different in that as its front man it has Emmett O’Connell who arrived with a half decent reputation. But



3351 days ago

Exclusive: Great Western Mining boardroom cull to continue

The fallout from the Teknomining Scandal and the growing belief that US Oil & Gas (USOP) will turn from comedy to tragedy ( while remaining a long running farce) has had a knock-on at Great Western Mining (GWMO), a company also from the Liam McGrattan stable listed on the AIM cesspit.

If you need a reminder of the TeknoMining & USOP farce – where I accuse certain directors of being liars read on here.

Great Western was, like US Oil & Gas and TeknoMining, founded by Liam McGrattan from his offices above a dodgy drinking den in a ropey part of the badlands of Dublin, Ireland.  As is the way Liam himself stepped down some time ago to pursue other business interests (did he dump his stock thereafter?). But he left his long time senior gopher Nial Ring on the board. Ring is Mcgrattan’s senior gopher, young Brian at US Oil & Gas is the junior gopher.

But on 29th April Ring also quit Great Western with immediate effect. This follows a familiar pattern (see US Oil & Gas, Teknomining etc.). What Shareprophets can reveal



3507 days ago

Great Western Mining & US Oil & Gas – An Observation or Two

Tin hat on I offer up a couple of thoughts on our favourite oil and gas joke company valuation play US Oil & Gas (USOP) and a little company on AIM, Great Western Mining (LSE: GWMO). You see they are from the same stable and the connection does not end there. Both companies were set up in Liam McGrattan’s pub in, how can I put this, one of the less salubrious parts of Dublin. It is the sort of place where I try to overcome having an English accent by ostentatiously wearing an old London Irish rugby shirt. These days there are different folks fronting up the operations but if they wanted to they could share on travel expenses as while US’s Brian McDonnell heads off to Nye County Nevada to look for his oil, Western’s Emmett O’Connell heads off to Mineral County Nevada to look for his uranium, gold and silver. And guess what? These two counties are right next to each other.