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Hinkley Point

1902 days ago

BBC why can't it tell the truth about either Syria or what is breaking news - Evan Davis you are a liar

A couple of days ago it was Emily Maitlis and Laura Kuenssberg at the BBC caught claiming that news was breaking and that they had scoops when in fact they were hours off the pace on Hinkley Point. On Monday night, as he presented Newsnight, it was Evan Davis who was caught telling what was quite simply a blatant lie. Why on earth is the taxpayer paying £500,000 plus for a man who tells lies? The lie was on Syria and compounded an earlier gross deception by Fiona Bruce (another utterly unjustified half a million) on the 10 O'Clock News. Let's start with little Evan...


1907 days ago

The Dishonesty of the BBC & Newsnight as it lies about how it breaks news - Hinkley Point shambles

Perhaps it is the impending revelation that people like Emily Maitlis and Luara Kuenssberg (the political reporter who does not understand the difference between Government debt and deficit) are paid telephone numbers salaries that is prompting BBC News to lie about getting scoops. Or perhaps it is just shame that with its enormous overhead it is scooped again and again. Or maybe it is just an innate culture of dishonesty? Whatever the reason with Emily in the hotseat Newsnight was a visible disgrace last night as news emerged that Hinkley Point was to get the go ahead.


2094 days ago

Tom Winnifrith podcast: EDF & Hinkley Point the sheer folly of the Governments of France & Britain

The EDF Hinkley Point Saga shows the French Government to be fools engaged in folly in the way that it treats EDF. And it shows the British Government to be fools engaged in folly in the way that it has agreed to the Hinkley Point plans. Will the nuclear power station go ahead? I hope not. The whole saga is a disaster which the taxpayers of both France and Britain will pay for as our Governments screw up in very different ways. All is explained in this week's podcast. If you enjoyed it and listened on itunes please remember to give it a 5* rating!