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Inset day

325 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - another feckin Inset day and the Mrs is away at a conference watching cats on the internet

Cue a rant on teachers and other public sector workers! I then discuss ADVFN (AFN), Mkango Resources (MKA), Parsley Box (MEAL),McColls (MCLS), Sensyne (SENS), Petropavlovsk (POG) and Vast Resources (VAST).Then in detail I look at Nightcap (NGHT) and AO World (AO.) 


521 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - 3 horrors from Joshua's school that will make you despair

I start with the three horrors  which will make you despair and that is even before we deal with another INSET day, a day of yakking for teachers and inconvenience for the working prime carer who is your host today. Then I look at impending lockdown lunacy  and at one company which, i suspect, is already struggling but which will be hit for six, NightCap (NGHT). I skip onto Bezant (BZT) another Colin Bird pump and place, Dev Clever (DEV) – a stock for financial masochists only – Ben’s Creek (BEN) with a new shocking expose of its link with a disgraced financier and then the Woodfordesque dealings involving Boanerges Ltd (BNRG), WeShop, Vela (VELA) and BrandShield (BRSD). For the avoidance of doubt the maths on Boanerges are:


642 days ago

How can the lazy and overpaid teachers justify INSET days?

My son Joshua was due to start his primary school on September 1 but, I discovered today, that on that working day his parents will both have to take half a day off because, as happens 5 times a year, the school is shut for an INSET day, a staff training occasion. Joshua now starts on the 2nd.


2051 days ago

Its that time of the year again - don't bash hard working students and teachers say left wing women who look like hippos

There is a change to the annual ritual. For about thirty years A level grades got steadily higher. Those of us who had to interview those with A*s at History who thought that Waterloo was a train station named after an Abba song knew that was because they were getting easier but when pointing this out were ritually abused as insulting hard working students and teachers who were so stressed out that they need 15 weeks holiday a year. This year the ritual is being tweaked.


2394 days ago

#Firstdayofschool and guess what - it is an INSET day for the greedy and bone idle teachers

After the summer holidays the army of obese and semi literate feral horrors who make up the nation's school age population should be heading back to classes today. But they reckoned without the overpaid bunch of idlers who are the teaching profession for across the land many kids face an INSET day.

An INSET day is when the kids stay at home, forcing parents to arrange costly and inconvenient one -off child care, but the teachers wander in for training on how to ensure that the A* rate in GCSE basket weaving goes from 101% to 103%. There are five INSET days a year which must explain why, in an Orwellian sense,  standards are rising

The teachers have, of course, just finished a six or seven week summer holiday.


2555 days ago

The Teachers are truly lazy bastards who make the greedy Junior Doctors seem almost selfless

The Easter holiday teacher union conferences are always good for a laugh as the idle bastards compete to see who can make the most preposterous claim. It is always a tough contest as, even when compared to the greedy junior doctors, this is a profession where almost everyone seems to be completely deluded.

An early entrant for the mad prize came with a suggestion that teachers should mark pupil's work in pink rather than red as it set out a more sympathetic message to those students who were less able. Frankly why bother marking course work at all just give all the little darlings straight A*s at GCSE and as long as they have learned that Hitler was the most evil man ever who cares?

Having spent useful time discussing what colour crayons the profession should use the teachers moved on to the main issue: How over-worked and stressed they all are.
The starting salary