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Jack Straw

2342 days ago

Tom Winnifrith postcard: Chilcot exposes the them & us divide: Blair must face trial

I was profoundly struck by the accents of those commenting on Chilcot last night. My own views are clear - Jack Straw  & Tony Blair are war criminals who must face trial, as I explained HERE. The accents of all the players in the drama of yesterday told us again of a divided nation that is Britain, the establishment and the rest of us. That was also part of the story of the Brexit vote. If the establishment brush this under the carpet the feeling of anger and insurgency will only be fuelled.


2343 days ago

Chilcot: Where's the justice? Why can't Blair and Straw face trial for war crimes?

British Squaddies continue to face trial for war crimes where individuals or a few folks died. Yet hundreds of thousands have perished as a result of the war the UK and US launched against Saddam Hussein. And the Chilcot report makes it clear today that Tony Blair was a key architect of that war, urging on George Bush to invade with British involvment, for two years before the troops actually went in. It makes it clear that Blair, at best dissembled, and at worst lied to Parliament and to the Attorney General as well as to the Britsh People to get us into that war.

Jack Straw is also exposed as having suppressed one report and sexed up others in order to get us into war. The truth was a casualty of his campaign to start a war for which there can be no justification at all. 

If I were a juror and was asked did these two men take actions which caused their country to enter an illegal war, an illegal invasion of another sovereign nation I would - on the basis of what appears in Chilcot - find both men guilty without hesitating for a second.

That makes me unsuitable 


2346 days ago

The establishment tells we plebs to sod off again: Blair walks on war crimes, squaddies in the dock

Britain in 2016 feels ever more like 1792 France. Cherie Blair or Theresa May will soon be saying that we the great unwashed should not worry "let them eat cake" and hundreds of celebrities will put their names to a petition saying what a good idea that is.

It is one rule for the establishment and one for the rest of us. Day after day we are reminded that the millionaire political, business, celebrity and media elite can get away with murder, literally in the case of Tony Blair, while the rest of us just get screwed. No wonder Britain is so angry.

The 40,000 silly people at yesterday's MarchforEurope do not represent that anger. Overwhelmingly middle class Southerners they, or their parents at the bank of Mum & Dad, have done very well as property owners enjoying the post 2008 asset bubble created by QE and funny money interest rates. For those in the Midlands and North where property prices in the post industrial towns have not rocketed, where there have been no real wage rises - unless you are a middle class employee of the State - there has been no financial windfall since 2008. They are excluded. Shafted financially and with no-one speaking up for them. Indeed for ten days now they have been told by large sections of the media and by the middle class liberal establishment that they are ignorant and racist and that their views should somehow be ignored.

And now we discover that when the Chilcot Report in finally published this week, it may slate Tony Blair and Jack Straw for lying and starting an illegal war but they will suffer no consequences. You and I might think that lying to Parliament 


2347 days ago

40,000 very silly young people #marchforeurope. Oh no they don't

As the earnest young people, mostly loathsome students, gather in London today they claim that they march for Europe. it sounds good to be an internationalist showing solidarity with a whole continent. MarchfortheEU does not sound quite so good. The EU is after all, as even its supporters in the remain campaign admitted, inefficient, corrupt and far from perfect. Moreover it is loathed across the continent.

Switzerland has just withdrawn its application to join. In France, Austria, Greece, Italy, Holland, Sweden and Denmark there are growing calls for their own referendum and signs that in many of those countries folks will vote to leave. For what these young people fail to see is that across Europe there is a widespread feeling that the EU serves an business, bankster, media and political establishment very well but for the ordinary Joe, for the 99% it sucks.

Here in Greece, youth unemployment is 60%. It would be far higher


2352 days ago

EU Referendum War Criminal Tony Blair caption Contest Result

After Independence day and Lyin' Dodgy Dave Cameron going can life get better? Maybe? How about when Chilcot finally publishes his report in two weeks and exposes Tony Blair and Jack Straw for the vile war criminals they are? Ahead of that we asked for captions for the picture below and as you can see HERE our readers were really very kind to phoney Tony. The winner is...


2385 days ago

If Tony Blair did irony he'd propose a new Middle East war 5 weeks ahead of Chilcot - Oh what?

On July 6 the long awaited Chilcot report into the Iraq war will be published. Many of us are convinced that the war was illegal and that "trust me I'm Tony," as well as the loathsome shit Jack Straw, repeatedly lied to MP s as well as to us all. Mr Blair's claim about Weapons of Mass Destruction was clearly just a blatant lie. And thus it has been leaked that Blair as well as Straw will get a thorough roasting from Lord Chilcot.


2636 days ago

Jack Straw & Malcolm Rifkind did nothing wrong in soliciting brown envelopes - yeah right

And the political classes, the folks living inside the Westminster bubble, wonder why the other 99.9% of the population think that they are scoundrels beneath contempt? 

Earlier this year C4 stung Lord Malcolm Rifkind and Jack “I love illegal wars” Straw getting both to admit on camera that they would lobby for cash. I quote that good socialist Straw on camera: 

I got in to see the relevant director general and his officials in Brussels and we got the sugar regulations changed, he said. I meanthe crucial thing about this, it’s all, it’s public that the regulations have been changed, but the best way of dealing with these things is under the radar” 

That was on behalf of a firm that had paid him £60,000. Straw added


3283 days ago

MPs taking the piss with an 11% pay hike

After the next election MPs are set to trouser an 11% pay hike to £74,000 – this is taking the piss. There is no reason for it at all. Just think about your own situation.


3442 days ago

MP’s – give us a pay rise or we will fiddle our expenses

That is the conclusion of Jack Straw MP, a sort of unofficial shop steward for the Westminster political classes. Mr Straw, whose son is being groomed to be an MP too as the political class becomes self-perpetuating, writes in the Daily Telegraph that unless MPs pay matches that of CEOs, Head Teachers etc MPs will be drawn from a narrower and narrower social class, be of poorer quality and will “make ends meet” by fiddling their expenses.

On the same principle unless you give big brown envelopes to prisoners on their release they will go and rob banks and mug old ladies. Let’s start such a scheme at once. Let’s be consistent and treat all dishonest vermin who contribute nothing to Society and have a lust for lucre equally.

The basic pay of an MP is £66,000. One in three earns more by chairing a committee, having ministerial responsibility, etc. Since MPs work less than 150 days a year many of them (Straw included) earn even more by doing other work.  So the average MP earns three times the National average wage while one third earns between 4 and 7 times the average wage. And then there are their non Westminster activities.

No wonder that for every “winnable seat” there is a mammoth rush of applicants to fight that seat for the parties that are in contention.  Would there be any less of a scramble if MPs took a 10% pay cut? I doubt it.  Let’s try an experiment and see how many MPs quit if their pay is cut by 2%?

Once again I point out that in the US 425 Congressmen represent 250 million people. Why do we need 650 MPs to represent 60 million of us? How about we halve the size of the House of Commons, freeze MPs pay and let the ferrets fight it out for the seats that remain?

In any other profession the admission that if pay is not increased staff will simply steal from their employers (that is you and I the grateful taxpayer in this case) would be met with outrage. But apparently greedy MP’s regard it as a bargaining chip.

And they wonder why they are so universally despised?


3615 days ago

Greedy, useless and unwanted – British MPs are beneath contempt

Are you getting a pay rise this year? Not many folks are. Some like those on welfare are, in real terms, getting a cut. Pensioners are worse off thanks in part to low interest rates. The Government needs to slash its spending. To sack people. To make them unemployed. As Call Me Dave said “we are all in it together.” Er… not quite. Some folks are more equal than others. MPs are demanding a pay rise. A 32% pay rise. Where is Guy Fawkes when you need him? These pigs are beneath contempt.

An MP already gets paid £65,378 a year plus expenses. Those were meant to have been reformed but