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James hunt

1890 days ago

The storm - no olive harvesting today

If I was Byron, seperated from Hobhouse at Zitsa, i would be dashing off some verse after last night. But I'm not. i sit alone in my Kalamta hotel looking out at roads that look like the infamous Japanese Grand Prix where Lauda retired gifting James Hunt the world championship. It all started last night with loud bangs which I worried might be a bomb or a ship crashing into the harbour next to the hotel.


3382 days ago

Do you want to see a film said the Mrs?

Hopeful that at last she was taking me to see the new film about James Hunt – Rush, I started to get excited. Er no. Instead what was on offer was at the local art-house, a documentary about Stewart Hall. The bloke from it’s a knockout who is currently in the nonces wing in a prison up North? No.

Apparently the other Stewart Hall is one of the most influential sociology lecturers of the past fifty years, with particular expertise in explaining the phenomena of multiculturalism from a socialist perspective.

Hmmm. Sounds like a fascinating fellow but I think that I will pass I said. The woman formerly known as the deluded lefty understood.