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Jesse Jackson

2447 days ago

#BlackLivesMatter, yes they do: hard US data - inconvenient truths the liberal media won't discuss

Of course black lives matter. All lives matter. Murder is wrong and can never be justified. Neither however can one engage in a complete distortion of the truth in order to justify wholesale looting and demands for a massive re-allocation of the pork barrel with one group gaining at the expense of the rest. But that is exactly what is happening? The liberal media is not interested in hard data on racial murders in the USA and BlackLivesMatter ignores the hard data and I shall now demonstrate why.


2451 days ago

Shock new poll: How will the liberal media explain how "racist" Trump is the most popular Republican with black voters in 56 years?

The weekend saw a slew of new polls and the headline is clear: Donald Trump is surging ahead of Crooked Hillary Clinton in the race to be the next President. Two weeks ago I gave eight reasons why The Donald would win HERE and things look to be on track. The real shocks, however, are in the detail, notably how Trump is surging among black voters. How can this be? Beltway liberal media pundits like Nick Bryan and, in her US stint, Emily Maitlis at the BBC and the loathsome Kylie Morris at C4 told us repeatedly that blacks hated the racist Trump. How will they spin this now?