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Jonathan van Tam

23 days ago

Austria v Sweden in pictures - the GroupThink covid doom-mongers were just plain wrong, give them more knighthoods

The FT, the BBC and the rest of the political and media class warned explicitly that Sweden was heading for disaster with its relatively relaxed approach to Covid. The bodies would pile up inMalmo and Stockholm. Instead those in the GroupThink bubble lavished praise on Austria whose draconian lockdown, suppression of dissidents and crushing of civil liberties and its economy, would have made its most famous son proud. Austria was the posterboy for lockdown. So if the GroupThink crowd were right and folks like me were wrong, Sweden would have suffered far more covid deaths than Austria: right?


24 days ago

The Swedish excess death data that shows why Chris Whitty et al should not be knighted but should be on trial for murder

As we enter 2022, here in Airstrip One, The Ministry of Truth and its big corporate media allies such as LinkedIn will not, as I discovered to my cost the other day, allow anyone to challenge the GroupThink narrative on the scamdemic. And thus we must all don our face masks and bang our pans to celebrate the Knighthoods for Chris Whitty, Jonathan Van Tam, Jenny Harries et al.  Do not, whatever you do, mention the S word: Sweden.


417 days ago

Trainline, now the CFO is dumping shares and he’s right, the valuation is nutso

There was a telling exchange in a Downing Street press Conference this week between Jonathan Van Tam and the deputy PM Boris Johnson. The real PM, Princess Nut Nuts, was elsewhere plotting the Long march to a full green revolution. Van Tam suggested that Covid restrictions such as face nappy wearing and social distancing might need to stay in place, essentially, forever. The deputy PM said that he was not so sure about that and it might be good to get back to normal at some point. Cue frosty glances.