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14 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Why IQE's valuation is a rum 'n' coke, 2 acid tests for the FCA and talking to the great man of mining analysis

I end with a few notes on Woodlarks. There are now 7 walkers confirmed – please do make a donation HERE. Then I discuss 2 acid tests today for the FCA[email protected] Capital (SYME) and Lyin’ Chris Cleverly’s planned RTO into Stranger Holdings (STHP). Then I look at St James House (SJH) and wonder if the taxman needs to have a butcher’s at 4 of its disposals involving John Botros. Then it is onto IQE (IQE) and why Malcolm Stacey and thirsty Paul Scott are wrong. Finally a look at Jubilee Metals (JLP). I look at the fundamentals after today’s interims and conclude that the shares should be well North of 20p. Then I discuss the matter with the world’s leading analyst of PGM stocks beginning with J for his input.


25 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: this one is for Keith

In this podcast I discuss the idea of “shit investing”. I look at some stocks which are merde like Tiger Royalties (TIR) and Wildcat Petroleum (WCAT) and things David Lenigas might ramp and others which are not and which I discuss in detail, notably Jubilee Metals (JLP) and Summerway Capital (SWC) run by the wonderful Vin Murria.


45 days ago

Video: The Financial System is Starting to Crack & the bull case for Platinum

Analyst David H. Smith has a prediction to delight we loyal shareholders in Jubilee Metals (JLP). Nope, not Colin Bird’s resignation but almost as good is his view on the relationship between platinum and palladium and why the prices between them are currently inverted. Platinum being quite rare, it is usually more expensive than both gold and palladium. This trend seems to be in the process, he argues, of returning to normal. Good news.


65 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Video Shareshow No 18: A mining stock I've called wrong twice in 5 weeks plus Ross Norman with his gold, silver & PGM targets

And now from Wales, by just 30 yards, it is my new weekly video show. This costs 99p per episode, and you can either listen to, or watch, some sparky interviews with  Tony Manini of Asiamet (ARS) which, I am starting to think, I have called wrong twice in 5 weeks and then gold guru Ross Norman on where the precious metals are going this year. As a Jubilee Metals (JLP) shareholder his biggest call is the most exciting for me. As ever, on the macro view and on bitcoin, Ross is brilliant. Then from me I discuss where UK small cap shares will go in the current climate. You can access the show HERE 


69 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: I apologise to Zak Mir, he is a total genius and certainly did not kill little Maddie

I start by flagging up that I aim to publish an 85 page dossier,m an opus magnus, on a the sort of company Zak Mir promotes at 8.30 AM tomorrow behind the paywall. I see it as a zero. Then I discuss why Zak is, contrary to some suggestions here otherwise, a total and utter genius  who did not kill Maddie and then look at his analysis of Jubilee Metals (JLP). I move on to why I’ve bought more shares in AEX Gold (AEXG) before looking at the nest of snakes at Dev Clever (DEV) its bonkers valuation and why it must collapse. I reference this excellent expose of that nest of snakes. I look at investor grief and what is happening at [email protected] Capital (SYME) and what will happen – and when – at Dev.


73 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Bear raider Andrew Left becomes a raging bull - is this a sign that we are at an insane market top

I start with the annual horror that is doing a tax return for the Mrs. It was a pleasant shock. Then onto Left and Gamestop. Then I look at MyHealthChecked (MHC), Novacyt (NCYT), Jubilee Metals (JLP), another man with a posh wife who might struggle with her tax return, Mr David Beckham and E-Guild (GILD) and the real issue at [email protected] Capital (SYME)


74 days ago

Jubilee Metals: F*ck Off Colin Bird do you really think we are all stupid?

Which PR moron is advising Colin Bird and Leon Coetzer at Jubilee Metals (JLP), a company where I am, of course, a loyal shareholder. Because, whoever it is, should be fired on the spot. Today there is news which had me screaming at my PC, “Oh just fuck off Colin.” The sooner the old huckster retires the better. Today’s spivery and assumption that we are all stupid really is the final straw.


75 days ago

The macro view on PGM's and Lithium

As a still loyal shareholder in Jubilee Metals (JLP), notwithstanding its penny share spiv Chairman, I take a keen interest in PGM prices where, my instinct, is that the outlook is very bright indeed. It is something I shall be chatting to Ross Norman about on video next week. Anyhow, in that context I thought you might enjoy this detailed note on PGM & Lithium prices from broker Fox Davies.


85 days ago

Jubilee Metals – “Support from Blue Chip Institutional Investors” announcement takes the piss...

Support from Blue Chip Institutional Investors”-titled announcement from Jubilee Metals (JLP) is actually a disappointing lack of support from directors. This is with investment by the institutional investors ‘facilitated’ not only by a partial conversion of the convertible loan note held by ACAM LP, which facilitated the acquisition of the Sable Refinery in 2019, but also by director share sales…


87 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Colin Bird, Rio Ferdinand & Toxic Dave Sefton: 2 bad guys and a hero but would you want any on the board?

I start with yesterday’s Albanian lecture in honour of my late father. Then it is onto Colin Bird and Jubilee Metals (JLP), Rio Ferdinand and the Gym Group (GYM) and Toxic Dave Sefton and Iconic (ICON) in the wake of Nigel’s bombshell from earlier. One of the three is a bit of a hero and, to give you a clue neither Bird or toxic Dave ever played for West Ham.  But would you want any of the three on the board of a company in which you are invested. I discuss all three situations in detail.


88 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Ok Colin Bird you are now talking utter bollocks and are shameless, I have had enough

I start with Jubilee Metals (JLP) where I am way ahead but have had enough. The shares are cheap but I have had enough of Colin Bird spouting uttder bollocks. After today I now own more shares in this companmy than Bird but that is going to change. Soon, like me and Lance Armstrong with accepted Tour de France wins, we will be neck and neck. Then I look at Hawkwing (HNG), Babcock (BAB) and Conduity Capital (CCAP) run by scumbag Greg Collier.


120 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: On this day of all days Sarah Willingham is 'avin' a Turkish! And who should star in my Christmas carol 2020?

On Joshua’s Advent calender the shepherds go to Bethlehem. That is almost true, well a bit true as I discuss. In prior years I have penned a three part Christmas carol featuring a villain of the year: Rob Terry, Neil Woodford and Chris Oil have starred. So please nominate your villain of 2020 for this year’s opus magnus below. In the podcast I discuss the IPO of Sarah Willingham’s company Nightcap on a day when most of its bars go into tier 3. She is ‘avin’ a giraffe. There are other red flags and questions to ask. Then I look at Jubilee Metals (JLP) and Bahamas Petroleum (BPC) asking if, on AIM, anyone gives a toss about the law of the land. Finally I look at Dignity (DTY) where i retain grave concerns.


125 days ago

Don’t go selling your Jubilee Metals now – although this has been a cracking share tip, price target almost doubled to 16p...

We tipped Jubilee Metals (JLP) at a 4.6p offer in July 2020. Ding Dong! As we approach Christmas the shares are circa 11p, making we loyal investors pretty happy. But do not even think of selling. Here’s why:


150 days ago

Jubilee Metals – full-year results & record operational earnings...BUY

Metals processing group Jubilee Metals (JLP“is pleased to announce its audited results for the year ended 30 June 2020” and that “post the period under review… PGM and chrome operations delivered record quarterly operational earnings of £15.17 million”


154 days ago

Jubilee Metals – further significant Zambia diversification, already way ahead on this share tip, price target increased again...

Jubilee Metals (JLP“is pleased to announce that it has successfully concluded further copper tailings transactions to secure the rights to an additional approximately 115 million tonnes of copper and cobalt containing surface tailings in Zambia”


159 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Prepping for my own act of defiance this November 5

As you can see here, I shall be engaging in a small act of defiance tonight.  In the podcast I discuss UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) - forced by myself to ‘fess up today about what is happening at the Gatwick Dribbler. I look at Trainline (TRN) and explain why the soon to be ex CEO is not a crook, at Guild Esports (GILD), Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) and at Jubilee Metals (JLP).


176 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Olaf imprisoned by Covid deranged Queens & my gold stocks reviewed

Queens Colleage Oxford has enccouraged students to snitch on their peers and my daughter, now under house arrest, has fallen victim. What a mad and dark world we live in. After discussing this I look at all the mining stocks I own and one I sold, reviewing where we are now and where the real excitement lies at: Kefi (KEFI), Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV), Centamin (CEY), AEX Gold (AEXG), Ariana (AAU), Asiamet (ARS), Jubilee Metals (JLP), Pensana (PRE) and Red Rock Resources (RRR).


207 days ago

Jubilee Metals – “Mining Licence Renewed and Board Appointment”, further positives...

Jubilee Metals (JLP“is pleased… the company has received notification from the Minister of Mines and Mineral Development in Zambia of the approval of the company’s application for the renewal of Small Scale Mining Licence 7081-HQ-SML in Kabwe… and… appointment of Nicholas (Nick) Taylor as non-executive director”…


237 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: At last Warren Buffett has listened to Chris Bailey, Nigel Somerville & myself

I start with a few thoughts on the possibility that Greece might be added to the UK’s Covid red list – feck you Boris you utter clown and here’s why. Then I see that old Warren Buffett has finally seen the light on gold and I have a few thoughts on that. Then a bullcast on why Jubilee Metals (JLP) has crossed in inflexion point and is now such a perfect investment.


239 days ago

Jubilee Metals – follows Zambia copper agreement with South Africa chrome moves...price target increased

“Chrome Operations Update” from Jubilee Metals (JLP) including of “a third party Run-Of-Mine chrome ore offtake agreement that fully commits its Windsor chrome beneficiation plant for the next three years, with an option for this to be extended further” and “entered into a joint venture agreement with a privately held South African company  to secure the rights to a further 35 000 tonnes per month chrome processing capacity”


243 days ago

Jubilee Metals – further copper agreement expedites & expands potential in Zambia...

“Further Copper Tailings Resource Secured in Zambia” announcement from Jubilee Metals (JLP), with it emphasising this looking “to deliver copper units well in advance of Jubilee’s previously announced copper transaction in Zambia and is significant step towards achieving Jubilee’s stated goal of 25 000 tonnes per annum of copper production”…


250 days ago

Jubilee Metals – a buy?...

Jubilee Metals (JLP), an AIM and Altx traded metals processing company, has recently followed a “pleased to announce” six month operations update with a compelling presentation at MineProphets and at a current 4.6p offer price…


265 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Synairgen and the cure for Covid 19

I cover this company whose shares were up by 500% at one point today. Does Synairgen (SNG) really sit on a gold mine? I also look at 3 David Lenigas related situations: Empire Metals (EEE), Pires (PIRI) and UK Oil & Gas (UKOG). With regard to the last of the three I mention Jubilee Metals (JLP), in which I bought some more shares today. I also discuss the “it’s too good to be true” rule ref Amigo (AMGO)


274 days ago

Tom Winnifrith: I am going to buy a new stock as a result of MineProphets… and it's not gold

On Saturday 18th July, anyone serious about mining stocks will be tuning in to MineProphets. The conference will last all day, but the 30 videos plus will stay up until just after Christmas. Tipsters, CEO and a swathe of mining gurus and experts will be presenting, and most of those who do present will also be there on the day to chat to attendees in dedicated chat rooms. And, already, I have one stock that I am almost certain to buy.


287 days ago

July 18 MineProphets Online Conference book your seat now

Is now the time to buy gold aggressively or has that ship sailed? What about silver, uranium, rare earths? We have assembled a panel of true experts ready to present to you on how to make money from mining stocks and all will present at on July 18. You can book your seat HERE.


321 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Shareshow No 1: almost 3 hours of Lucian Miers, Colin Bird and a devestating expose of Novacyt

And now from Wales, by just 30 yards, it is my new, I hope, weekly show. This costs 99p per episode to access and you can either listen or watch very sparky interviews with bear raiders Lucian Miers and Colin Bird of Jubilee Metals (JLP), Xtract Resources (XTR) and Galileo Resources (GLR) as well as a devestating new expose of Novacyt (NCYT) explaining why its shares will collapse by 90% and why its CEO’s interests are directly opposed to that of shareholders.  You can access the show HERE


1068 days ago

UK Investor Show 2018 Video - Making Money in Africa

This session was chaired by our own Chris Bailey  and featured Andrew Bell of Red Rock (RRR), Rob Scott of Anglo African Agriculture (AAAP - where we own shares - Ahmet Dik of Victoria Oil & Gas (VOG) and Colin Bird of numerous companies, including Jubilee Metals (JLP) tipped by Andrew Monk this morning.


1068 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: It is not just Stormy Daniels that Donald Trump has screwed - step forward ex Tory MP Tony Baldry and Westminster Group

I start with the latest developments on Julie Meyer and hint at what is coming next from myself and also from John Galt. Julie you ain't seen nothing yet. Praise be the Lord.  Then it is onto Westminster Group (WSG) and someone almost as loathsome as Meyer, that is to say ex Tory MP fat Tony Baldry. Then I look at Eden Reseearch (EDEN) which fat Tone knows well, Pantheon Resources (PANR), Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO), the tossers at the FT, Jubilee Metals (JLP) and other Beuafort Securities victims and Interserve (IRV) and the tools at the FCA.


1069 days ago

UK Investor Show 2018 Video: Jubilee Metals - Leon Coetzer (NOT! Colin Bird)

Well I never. Colin Bird was omnipresent at the show but for Jubilee Metals (JLP) he handed over to his able CEO Leon Coetzer.