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Killer Frogs

758 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: maybe I am just a dinosaur but I just cannot see why it will be different this time

Greatly taken by the Killer Frogs article from earlier, I contemplate whether I really am a sad old dinosaur but conclude that I am not and that it will not, whatever young folks believe, be different this time.


758 days ago

The 12-year-old NFT whizz - this cannot be real economics

My old friend “Killer Frogs” aka veteran journalist, City boy and PR man Peter Krijgsman, posted this piece on LinkedIn the other day and I share his views. Surely the world has gone mad? Over to Killer Frogs.


3681 days ago

A few thoughts on financial PR people, moral compass and how they view me

I am not sure that those singled out for praise will appreciate it coming from me. Neither will those who receive rightful opprobrium in what follows – my mind this afternoon turns to the world of financial PR. The dark side.


3769 days ago

Killer Frogs song about corrupt and sleazy MPs

I used to work with a great journalist called Peter Krigjsman on the Evening Standard. Having broken a major story splashed on the Standard front page about an invasion of killer frogs ( I think it was a little overhyped), Peter forever became known as Killer Frogs.

Killer Frogs is a very talented guy. To prove it here is a song he wrote and produced at the time of the MP's expenses scandal. I guess it still resonates today.

Relax, sit back and rock with Killer Frogs

Download ElectionTime.mp3