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Kirstie Allsop

274 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: I don't know what option would make me more angry

The reference is to the fact that there is only 1 candidate in the local elections where I live and he is a king sized dickhead. From that I move onto interest rates and why they should have been increased by more than 0.25%. Of course we should not be in this inflationary mess anyway. Then it is onto  Vast Resources (VAST), Trainline (TRN), Seraphime (BUMP),Parsley Box (MEAL) and musicMagpie (MMAG). I will try to complete my long promised share purchases tomorrow and to discuss them then.Thank you to all who have donated to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks.  We are now at 15% of target but still 97% of Bearcast listeners have yet to chip in. Come on, just a fiver or a tenner: please do donate now HERE. PS The reference to Kirstie Allsop and a podcast is about this one HERE


277 days ago

Tom Winnnifrith podcast: The death of Roe vs Wade, an attack on abortion in America, or maybe not?

The liberal media are telling you that thanks to evil Presdent Trump loading the Supreme Court, Roe vs Wade may be overturned so meaning the end of 49 years of legal abortion in America. As ever that is just not is what is happening and at every level the Guardian/BBC/ Kirstie Allsop – with whom I was arguing about this on twitter – narrrative is just wrong. I try to explain why and – only because I am a man – have to start with my own personal involvment with abortion in order to justify what follows.