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2580 days ago

Liverpool Caption Contest No 2 - Growth Industry Discovered in Scouse welfare safari

I take it all back. Having suggested that the entuire population of Liverpool were workshy welfare addicts I apologise. It seems that there is one industry that is booming in the Scouse welfare safari. The local paper (The Liverpool Echo) boasts that the City has become a net exporter. Can you guess of what? Er... As scouse twitter bums urge their fellow welfare grazers to abuse me how about folks in the hard working South of England suggest suitable captions for this picture in the comments section below


2581 days ago

Caption Contest: Shocker for Liverpool as scousers told they must work to 76

Does stealing hub caps count as work? If being a professional full time "victim" now regarded as a career choice? Is drug dealing now seen as a career in retail distribution. This tweet below from the Liverpool Echo opens up so many possibilities.

Can you suggest a suitable caption designed to offend as many of the pathologically workshy residents of the crime infested welfare safari that is Liverpool as possible. Remember this is a City where folks always suffer because it is someone else's fault and ayone who suggests otherwise is forced to apologise.