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Lloyd George

995 days ago

Dad: your attitude to the Welsh & Scots is schizophrenic!

So says daughter Olaf who has repudiated her father’s DNA and is now identifying wholly as Welsh.  She is perplexed that I laugh at the Welsh and its certifiable political class, predict that Independence in the short term would be an economic disaster for Wales as well as Scotland yet support the cause, as a Welsh resident, most strongly.  Our starting point here is that my daughter is a teenager, lives in Islington and is a bit of a lefty. As such, she, by definition, does not really believe in jokes and many of my comments about cottage burners are said in jest and, thus, she does not understand them.


1294 days ago

Surely Sound Energy is a zero?

Okay most listed oil stocks are heading for zero. You don’t need the brains of Cheryl Cole, sorry I meant Lloyd George, to realise that ceteris paribus most of the sector is fecked.  But surely, Sound Energy (SOU), once valued at c£800 million, is toast and the last rites will be read soon.