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3338 days ago

Friday Caption Contest on Sunday – US Oil & Gas Edition

What a week. I feel that I have given David Cameron both barrels in the Tomograph and so what else to feature in this week’s caption contest? The retirement of that miserable old toad Sir Alex Fergie? Nope I have sworn to leave that alone since the mainstream media is obsessed by it? The looming bankruptcy of Spain? Prince Harry in the US? Nope it has to be the tragedy come comedy that is US Oil & Gas (USOP).

The prize for this week’s caption contest? Rather like the prize for owning USOP shares there is none.  But feel free to post whatever caption you feel appropriate in the comments section below for this little picture.



For what it is worth my entry is


3402 days ago

Saturday Caption Contest – Falkland Islands Referendum Special

The people of the Falkland Islands will this weekend be allowed a vote on whether they wish to stay British or become Argies. How novel, folks being allowed to decide from where they are ruled? I doubt it will ever catch on back in the UK or not at least until 2018 or whenever.
Some people like the President of a nation built on the principle of self-determination back in 1776 (I refer to President Obama) do not care about the result and want the UK to start talks with the bankrupt imperialists of Argentina anyway.  I guess Obama is a clued up on democracy as he is on economics. 
But in honour of this vote I bring you this week’s Caption Contest. The winner gets a Piss off Argentina T-shirt which of course you can buy (with a Piss off Argentina mug) here.

For what it is worth my caption is:  

“Once again the Argies get that sinking feeling as the Falkland Islands referendum results come in”
If you can come up with anything better please post your entries in the comments section below.
Last week I served up two photos. The first was of Lord Rennard preparing to interview Lib Dem candidates for Parliament and the second was of a man who cannot remember anything bad and will be looking for a new job in 2015.


3404 days ago

Mrs Huhne (Vicky Pryce) Guilty Too – Good News

And so the jury has found that Vicky Pryce, aka the former Mrs Huhne, is like her ex husband a liar and a criminal. She has been found guilty and now we can await with pleasure, the sentencing of the gruesome pair. Mrs Huhne, a very successful career woman who stood up the Euro fanatic Chris numerous times tried to claim that in relation to the speeding points Mr Huhne bullied her into perverting the course of justice. It did not wash.

It has also emerged today how she tried to blacken Huhne’s name by tipping off journalists about his share trading and all because the wind-farm loving scumbag ditched her to run off with a hideous lesbian. They sound like a truly ghastly couple and it is hard to have sympathy for either as they both prepare to spend time doing porridge.

The fun does not stop here as it now emerges that senior Lib Dems including Vince Cable and Nick Clegg’s wife were all aware of the points story well before it appeared in the papers. Naturally the Lib Dems deny that they knew about. Just like none of them knew that their former CEO Lord Rennard was in fact Jabba The Hut.

Don’t you just love the political class? So Princess Leia how would you like to be a Lib Dem MP? "Remember that you can also buy the Chris Huhne special T-shirt as well as a “Justice 4 the Sefton 2” T-shirt, mug or hoodie exclusively at our online store. And you still have time to enter this week's Lib Dem Special caption contest here.


3416 days ago

Think the unthinkable – UKIP might just win Eastleigh – worth a flutter at 11/2

The Lib Dems are still likely to win Eastleigh. If they do not, given that every councillor there is a Lib Dem and it is a Lib Dem seat then Nick Clegg is in deep trouble. It may well be that the cover-up over the Lord Rennard sex scandal is only a secondary worry although that will get very nasty as well. But at 11/2 UKIP is now worth a flutter. Think the unthinkable: UKIP might just win the by-election caused by Chris Huhne’s imminent fast track to prison.

A Populus poll shows Lib Dem 33%, Con 28% UKIP 21% ( but surging). However that assumes that undecided voters are reallocated on the basis of how the seat voted at the last General Election. That was a whole different ball game. Without that fiddle it is 31 (sex pest party), 26% ( hopeless party of Government), 25% UKIP.

Labour are on the low to mid teens and since the Labour candidate ( the one who supported the Argies in 1982 and wanted the IRA to kill Thatcher) is a prize loon, his vote could well slide far further. Labour voters in Eastleigh are not bourgeois Islington lefties who think the UKIP are unspeakably horrid but traditional working class voters who believe in hard work and have no truck with the EU, unrestricted Romanian immigration etc. They really should vote UKIP anyway and if they see UKIP as a chance to kick the wicked coalition in the goolies they may well switch. No: they are switching it is just a matter of how many more come over in the final few days.

If UKIP can pick up a few more percentage points from Labour ( and it is gaining support from all three parties) then life gets very interesting. It is hard to see the Lib Dem vote hardening in the final few days as the sex scandal widens and deepens and nothing the hopeless Government does these days does anything to attract those who should be core Tory voters. If it is anything the Tory party is meant to be the one that gets the economy right. And on Friday the UK lost its AAA rating as the credit agencies finally twigged that UK public finances are a mess and that things are not getting better.

A separate Survation phone poll has it as: Con 33, Lib Dem 29, UKIP 21, Lab 13 but again if you do not do the reallocation fiddle UKIP is up on 25 with this time the sex pests in second on 26, and the Tories on 29. The same arguments apply here. It is abundantly clear that this contest is a three way battle. Labour support is slipping steadily ( all to UKIP) and Nigel Farage et al must also think that in the next few days they can also pick up Lib Dems and Tories as well.

It will not change the world, but a UKIP win would be disastrous news for both Call Me Dave ( giving credibility to a party which believes in the sort of things the Tory party once believed in) and also for Clegg in that if the safest Lib Dem seat in England is lost what hope does his party have of avoiding electoral wipe-out in 2015.

At 11/2 it is worth a flutter. It might just happen.

And as I noted before, a UKIP vote is in fact the ONLY sane and honourable vote in Eastleigh. .