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Marcus Rashford

77 days ago

Natalie Elphicke MP, Darren Grimes et al hang your heads in shame for your tacky attacks on Marcus Rashford

The poor lads who missed penalties for England last night have been subjected to all sorts of wholly undeserved abuse. I wonder how many of those handing out the abuse have ever taken a penalty. It is not that easy. And to do so in front of 60,000 spectators knowing it really matters must bring unbelievable pressure. Those who did not score must be feeling terrible and – as human beings – should have our sympathy, not be attacked.


161 days ago

Things that became racist in 2021 No 136 – inviting your nearest and dearest to your own funeral

Under this country’s bonkers covid laws you are now allowed only 30 folks at a funeral plus the corpse even if that corpse is the husband of the Queen. It was the same rule for Phil the Greek as it was for my late father.