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Meghan Markle

59 days ago

Things that became racist in 2021 No 136 – inviting your nearest and dearest to your own funeral

Under this country’s bonkers covid laws you are now allowed only 30 folks at a funeral plus the corpse even if that corpse is the husband of the Queen. It was the same rule for Phil the Greek as it was for my late father.


73 days ago

FCA prepares for London to join the race to SPAC investor hell as London goes for gold in the fraud Olympics

There were 190 IPOs of Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) in the USA last year, none in Britain. But like other ghastly Americanisms including Trick or Treat, rap music and Meghan Markle, eventually all the rubbish ends up here too. But fear not, the FCA has plans to regulate SPACs so that they can list on the London Stock Exchange and has today launched a consultation exercise. My submission, if there was any point, would be to just say No!


175 days ago

Twitter thinks it is okay to call a one-month-old baby a bastard if her Dad is a journalist who you fantasise about killing

Yesterday I reviewed how one fellow on Twitter who was a self-confessed shareholder in a con of a company I continue to expose, [email protected] Capital (SYME), had responded. He did so by fantasising on Twitter about killing me, about me being bankrupted and by suggesting that my wife had slept with another man to produce our one-month-old daughter, as you can see HERE. Normally I let these things go but just now and again when my family is roped in for abuse I complain to Twitter.


267 days ago

James Benamor, the Amigo loan shark explains why he is like Meghan Markle and why his business is toast

Of course that is not what Benamor intends to do but it is what he achieves in a long diatribe posted on the internet in which he, naturally, paints himself as the hero of the tale.


1126 days ago

I don't understand why so many fellow Republicans have to be so nasty about The Royal Wedding

As a meritocrat, I would like the Monarchy abolished. In the exceedingly unlikely event of me being offered a gong I'd refuse it on principle. I do not want anything to do with your Her Majesty's rotten empire and I do not view myself as a subject of hers but as a fellow citizen. Having said all of that...