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Met Police

310 days ago

However useless she is, Met Police boss Cressida Dick can’t be sacked as she is a woman say “campaigners”

The evidence of just how useless is Met Commissioner Cressida Dick has mounted iover the years. The shooting of that poor Brazilian chap should have done for her career. It did not. So many blunders have happened on her watch but nothing has ever stopped her rise to the top and her staying there. You might have thought that Police manhandling protesters at the Sarah Everard vigil might finally see her gone. But oh no.


3370 days ago

A Fair trial for Gary Glitter?

Let me make this clear. I find Gary Glitter a loathsome individual. I would not have objected had the Vietnamese authorities stuck him in front of a firing squad for what it was proven that he did in that country. The world would not have been a worse place for it. However his arrest this morning as part of the Jimmy Savile enquiries raises a couple of questions in my mind which make me feel incredibly uncomfortable.


3381 days ago

Tattoos – Has the Old Bill got nothing better to do?

The Metropolitan Police is once again making itself a laughing stock with its latest edict – Policeman should not have visible tattoos. Does a copper become less effective at fighting crime if he has a Cross of St George or West Ham logo on his neck? No. So why is the Met wasting its time on this rubbish?