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Michelle Obama

1108 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: A glimpse of what lies in store for me in hell c/o Radio 4 - Michelle Obama and the sociology & gender studies lecturer from Leeds

The Mrs tuned the radio and the awful BBC tortured me all morning reaching peak torture during Woman's Hour. It was strangely addictive. It is what Hell will be like when I go there on the day of judgement. Tearing myself away I look at Sound Energy (SOU), Highlands Natural Resources (HNR), TrakM8 (TRAK) and Imaginatik (IMTK)


1840 days ago

The vile double standards of the liberal left when it comes to Melania Trump

I was rather fond of Michelle Obama if not of her other half, President hopey change. Okay she has a range of misguided views on all sorts of things but she seems to have a sense of humour and a pleasant enough demeanour. But there were those who criticised her generating, in many cases, a stock response from the liberal left and media: racist. If it was not racism that drove attacks on Mrs hopey change it was sexism. Now many of Michelle's defenders are now on the attack against the latest Mrs Trump, the lovely Melania.


1951 days ago

Are you a guilty white liberal who wants to self flagellate to atone for the sins of your ancestors?

Do you read the papers every day feeling guilty about your white privilege? Obviously that means that you are not a working class person living in a rust belt town with no job but a liberal with a good education living in metropolitan luxury. But you keep telling those unemployed folks that they enjoy privilege and need to pay up for it. Then go tweet about what a bigot Donald Trump is.

But you are worried that the Democrats are so beholden to Wall Street that they will not raise taxes for the really rich (like you). It is, after all , better to punish those privileged white folks in the rust belt again. But still you think the Government should take more money away from folks who have worked hard to earn it. That is because the Government spends it so wisely. Hey, more cash for Hillary to go send some poor kids off to have their legs blown off in the Middle East with a dumbass war. What a good idea.

So here's a way to get rid of that liberal guilt and make some reparations direct 


1953 days ago

The Liberal media creams itself over Michelle Obama...they still don't get it

I hate to admit it but I really like Michelle Obama. I do not normally go for left wing women, other than my wife and Abbe, who broke my teenage heart before becoming a lesbian, but Michelle is not only not bad looking but she also comes over as funny (very unusual among those on the left) and a warm sort of human being. I really can't say a bad word about her other than that she is married to the ghastly President hopey change. Yet the idea that her speech at the Democratic convention was transformational and inspiring was just another liberal media piece of fiction.