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1972 days ago

If Tony Blair did irony he'd propose a new Middle East war 5 weeks ahead of Chilcot - Oh what?

On July 6 the long awaited Chilcot report into the Iraq war will be published. Many of us are convinced that the war was illegal and that "trust me I'm Tony," as well as the loathsome shit Jack Straw, repeatedly lied to MP s as well as to us all. Mr Blair's claim about Weapons of Mass Destruction was clearly just a blatant lie. And thus it has been leaked that Blair as well as Straw will get a thorough roasting from Lord Chilcot.


2052 days ago

Swings & Roundabouts: the oil market view from SP Angel: interesting stuff

I cannot say that this is a million miles away from my own view except that I am more bearish than the broker on global demand for oil given where I see the world economy heading. Thus - unless there is all out war in the Middle East -  my view is that a sustained recovery in the oil price is a 2017 or late 2016 story and won't happen sooner which means stacks more PLC casualties (here are my top 11 to fold BTW). We shall see. I thought this morning's note rather interesting. It follows below:


2348 days ago

Action Hotels maiden profit - buy

Owner, developer and asset manager of branded economy and midscale hotels in the Middle East and Australia, Action Hotels (AHCG) has announced a maiden profit for 2014 and that “the first four months of 2015 have been encouraging”

The results showed a pre-tax profit of $2.23 million on increased revenue of $37.57 million – with a 5% increase in revenue per available room for the company’s established operational hotels.


2450 days ago

Thoughts on the wicked execution of Kenji Goto by ISIS & our WRONG responses

Sadly the Japanese photo journalist Kenjo Goto was executed by ISIS yesterday. I offer my condolences and a few thoughts on the role of war correspondents in this podcast. But I go further - how should we react? An eye for an eye is not the answer. 62 years of Middle East Meddling has reaped a dreadful harvest for the West. It is time for a complete volte face


2472 days ago

Action Hotels - more good news (not in the price)

Action Hotels (AHCG) has announced the completion of two new hotels in the Middle East and updated that it “is in discussions in relation to a number of opportunities across the Middle East”.


3144 days ago

Celebrating International Women's Day - Honouring women who fight for Democracy

I think regular readers know my views on this one. If we have to celebrate any women on another ridiculous "Word something day" I celebrate those women who fight for the only democracy in the Middle East, the only country in the Middle East where a gay pride parade does not end with a ritual stoning, the only country in the Middle East where the press is allowed to attach and expose the (elected) Governemment and the only country in the Middle East that has voluntarily given up land to create an independent state in an area where Palestinians are the majority population. I refer to the women who fight for Israel.

Incidentally when is world entrepreneurs day, celebrating those folks who take a risk to create jobs to generate taxes that goes to pay for all these World days? 

Hat tip. Order Order.


3402 days ago

Syria & Egypt – The Folly of the West: Blowback

How long ago was it that we were reading in the liberal media about nice young Egyptians urging President Mubarak to quit via facebook and twitter? Gushingly the BBC poured its love on these nice young people who would take Egypt into a new age of liberal democracy. And the western powers (led by that idiot Hilary Clinton, but with the full support of our own idiots , Hague, Cameron, Milliband and the dwarves who run the Evil Empire in Brussels) told Mubarak to step aside. Some of us predicted what would happen next and lo it came to pass. It has not taken long.