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Monty Python

12 days ago

We’re in the army now – just what is it for: creating a more inclusive society or killing bad guys to protect the UK?

I guess times have changed since Status Quo sang that rather Un Quo like hit back in 1986.  If the Quo were to rewrite the song for today it would not say


105 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Mark Warde Norbury and Tory Toff Lord Willetts star in Monty Python

For those who do not understand the cultural idiom, younger listeners, the reference video is below. I inject a bit of class warfare to keep working class hero and Euro loon Jonathan Price happy. In today’s show I discuss Marechale (MAC) the latest Chris Akers spoof, Verditek (VDTK), Nightcap (NGHT) and Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV)


135 days ago

Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel: Life imitates art, my cats prove they are true Northerners part 5

So the Mrs thought about getting the cats a basket but I insisted that that was for soft Southerners and that our Northern cats, the scousers Quincey and Sian, needed and wanted only a cardboard box each as they said, in true Monty Python fashion: “when we were young we were poor but we were happy”. So she took away a cardboard box.


141 days ago

Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel - if art imitated life, my Northern cats part 3

We started this tale with my wife suggesting that we buy a cat basket for Sian & Quincey our rescue cats from the grim North, that is to say Liverpool. “Oh no” I objected on their behalf, “cat baskets are for soft southerners, when we were young we lived in cardboard boxes”. I put two out and the cats dreamed of sleeping in cardboard boxes. “In the old days in the North we were poor but we were happy” they said, as in the Monty Python sketch.


143 days ago

Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel: Life imitates art, my cats prove they are true Northerners

Yesterday I explained to you the battle of the cardboard boxes here at the Welsh Hovel. I had put two out in the living room for the cats to sleep in. The Mrs insisted that the cats deserved a proper cat basket. I insisted that as fully fledged Northerners (from Liverpool), they thought cat baskets were for soft southern cats and, as per the famous Monty Python sketch, they were lucky if they had a cardboard box.


1105 days ago

Monty Python explains the true value of Andalas & the 4 questions it must answer NOW!

I was told last night by the PR spinner to Andalas (ADL) that I should be asking about its new focus in the North Sea, how it will build value, yadda, yadda, yadda. FFS This company has no assets of value, it is burning stacks of cash every day and has NEGATIVE Net current assets of up to $2 million, even after the £600,000 placing on Monday - what don't you understand about the words "FECKING INSOLVENT" darling? I leave it to Monty Python to explain the true state of Andalas below. Meanwhile here are 4 Burning questions it is not answering so I - and Brokerman Dan - will keep asking.


1139 days ago

Campus Cowardice & Intolerance - the death of free speech - Monty Python at McMaster

Across the West the story is the same. Offended snowflakes object - or in some cases far worse - and craven academics cancel events or no platform speakers. This is a matter I am now all too familiar with after giving this most excellent talk at Bath Spa University. It is surely only a matter of time before some liberal arts faculty somewhere organises a book burning. Today's demonstration of the Orwellian nature of the liberal arts campus of today comes from McMaster University in Hamilton Canada.


2650 days ago

Upper class twit of the year at Maribelle's


I had great fun choosing the artwork for our new wine and tapas bar Maribelle's at 91-95 Clerkenwell Road. It is all - occassionally at a bit of a tangent - Spanish themed. There is a Monty Pythong Spanish related poster (guess what) and so I picked up this Monty poster as well.

I am sure you remember the sketch but if not I bring it to you below. The one problem is that the chair is very, very relaxing and has become the place for my afternoon siesta. I gather that Darren already has a photo of my asleep underneath the poster. I meanwhile have one of an old Etonian AIM CEO in the same pose!