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667 days ago

Things that became racist in 2021 Number 765 – a 2 billion year old 42 ton boulder

Just like coffee, women’s hockey, women’s underpants, sand, covid, inviting your relatives and friends to your own funeral, dating a person of colour or not dating a person of colour or fancying Rishi Sunak or Priti Patel, a 2-billion-year-old rock in America is now officially racist and has been relocated to avoid giving offense to students of colour. I kid you not.


1756 days ago

Trump now at 31% among black voters – this is an earthquake the liberal media establishment will just not report

I noted the other day, how Donald Trump’s approval rating among black voters was at 29% which was just astoundingly high. The latest Rasmussen poll puts that figure at 31% which, if you check the data here , makes him the most popular Republican leader among blacks since the 1950s.


2421 days ago

Channel 4's Matt Frei meets Bruce Springsteen for a Trump hatefest - even the Boss looks embarrassed

Bruce is in London plugging his autobiography and so is being interviewed by every TV station radio station and newspaper in town. The book talks about his battle with depression and sounds a bit depressing so the liberal media would rather have a Trump hatefest as they yack away with the Boss. Let's put this into context....