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1550 days ago

Photo article Mike the Vlach arrives and I meet his sister as well

My father's oldest Greek friend Mike the Vlach was due back at three. This being Greece he was bound to be late and so his wife Alega insisted I hang on as the day dragged on. Heck I had travelled by bus for nine hours to get to Metsovo and then walked for an hour and a half to get to Anelion to see Mike, I was not leaving. I could not explain this but I sat there drinking coffee and enjoying a lunch of lamb, rice and a lump of feta, I was going nowhere.


2089 days ago

Live from Greece: PM Tsipras quits & calls General Election, the madness gets worse

I landed in Greece on Tuesday. Within 48 hours the loathsome Blair like lying snake of a PM Alex Tsipras had quit, barring a miracle we will have a second General Election in 2015 on September 20th.

The miracle is if either the second largest party New Democracy (Angela Merkel obeying Euro loons nominally conservative old style crooks) or the 3rd largest party Golden Dawn (Nazis, but sound on the Euro) can form a new Government. They can’t. So we go to the polls in a few weeks.

I have warned you many times that Syriza 


2135 days ago

They think it’s all over in Greece: it’s a fucking landslide for Oxi

The early polls are coming in, district by district. Even Messania where I live, which is the heartland of conservative New Democracy, seems to have voted Oxi.


2146 days ago

Merkel tells Greek PM Tspiras to shut up, Trichet accuses Greece of blackmail, EU plots Greek coup – Time for Greece to tell the banksters to Fuck Off

The German Fuhrer Frau Merkel last night told Greek PM Alex Tsipras to “shut up.” Monsieur Trichet of the ECB accuses mighty Hellas of “blackmail”. And worst of all, leaders of the three main Greek opposition parties have been invited to Brussels for talks – a coup is being planned in the birthpace of democracy.

I would not have voted for Syriza, the flaky lefty coalition party headed by Tsipras but Greeks did. They rejected the two “old parties” of corruption and deceit, New Democracy and Pasok, the latter almost being entirely wiped out. The other party invited to take part in the coup is a flaky bunch of wishy washy non-entities, Potami.

It now seems very clear that if Greece defaults