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North London

679 days ago

Polly Toynbee - an article that sums up the out of touch metropolitan liberal left elite - no contact at all with dirty plebs

As Labour took another hammering in its Northern heartlands on Thursday I wonder where Polly Toynbee of the Guardian was watching: her multi million quid North London residence or her estates in Tuscany. Toynbee typifies those from the new left who dominate the media and the Labour party in her thoughts and in that she never mixes socially with the smelly, dirty, racist, ignorant working classes for whom she pretends to fight for but actually despises for their “thought crimes.” 


735 days ago

Daughter Olaf lambasts me on the 6PM curfew for men issue – here is why she is both wrong and patronising

Green Baroness and career politician Jenny Jones said she might propose a 6 PM curfew for all men. That Bonkers Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford showed some sympathy with the idea is surely all the proof that you needed that it and Jenny are mad as a nest of snakes. But my wonderful, but a bit woke, daughter Olaf lambasts me for saying so.


810 days ago

The Epidemic is out of control: in Oxford and North London almost everyone has full blown BrexitDerangementSyndrome

With symptoms including a form of tourettes whereby whenever a victim of this terrible disease meets some peasant-like oik, he or she feels the need to explain to them why they are stupid, ill educated, racist and xenophobic, it seems that in parts of Southern England the BrexitDerangementSyndrome pandemic is out of control.  And there is a new virulent strain in Scotland whereby folks also seek to show how much they want to be independent by ranting on about their desire to hand back newly won freedoms and rights to their own fishing waters to a foreign power. On Twitter, as some of us prepare bonfires for tomorrow night’s Brexit celebrations, those suffering from this appalling affliction can be seen everywhere tweeting#FBPE and their conviction that they are right about everything and 17.4 million of us are just plain stupid.


3823 days ago

North London townie gits and the countryside

Sir Andrew Motion, is the new president of the Campaign to Protect Rural England. I grew up in the boonies and want to live there again one day and after 10 minutes on the Campaign’s website I can safely say that these cretins do not speak for me or for most folks who live or who grew up in the shires.

I was prompted to visit this website by Motion’s claim that Londoners should venture out into the shires and hug an animal. Yup. The countryside really needs loads of 4×4’s heading out from Islington and Camden with folks ready to scare sheep in lambing season or frighten the chickens. My only hope is that the first animals that the townies try to hug are any one of: A large gander, a fox, badger, stoat or an really aggressive cockerel. Or maybe a large bull.

Sir Andrew, who lives in North London