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Northumbria University

50 days ago

Chill Brands – the horror at 6.25PM on the last day of the month

Perhaps the incredibly dim, journalist-smearing, PR man Henry Harrison Topham advised his clients that sneaking out one of the worst results statements I have ever seen at 6.25 PM on the last day of the month on which it was promised would mean that nobody noticed.  There is a reason why, despite all those expensive Harrow fees, Henry only managed to gain acceptance at Northumbria University when it was still Newcastle Polytechnic. For the sneaking out of what is an abomination only attracts attention to how bad this all is for Chill Brands (CHLL), the fraud formerly known as Zoetic (ZOE).


1047 days ago

Desperately stupid virtue signalling academic of the day: History Professor Tanja Bueltmann of Northumbria

I really worry that kids are forking out £9,000 a year by virtue signalling fools on the left wing madrassas that pretend to be British universities in 2018. Today's horror show comes from Professor Tanja Bueltman a history professor at Northumbria University.