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Odd One out contest

13 days ago

Odd One out contest for #InternationalWomensDay thanks to LGBT+ Labour

 Naturally we all celeberate the achievments of many wonderful women on #InternationalWomensDay and as part of that can you pick the odd one out in the “women” being celebrated by LGBT+ Labour. Hint: this woman might have to shave her facial hair a bit more than the other “female patrons” and unlike the other female patrons has a penis.


1417 days ago

Friday odd one out contest

Easy, you will find below four fine upstanding citizens. Which is the odd one out and why? Answers in the comments section below with a deadline of midnight tonight.


1689 days ago

Boris Johnson & rank Left wing hypocrisy odd one out contest

This is not hard. Simply name the odd one out and why in the comments section below....


1768 days ago

Odd One Out contest featuring Julie Meyer MBE

There is no prize but are you "freaking cleverer than God" and able to spot the odd one out? The answer I see has nothing to do with nationality or religion. Post your answers in the comment section below. Our four angels are former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith, Praise The Lord Julie Meyer, divine actress Jennifer Aniston and shamed ex Sefton boss Jimmyliar Ellerton. Do your worst...


2324 days ago

Weekend Odd One Out Contest

Okay this is easy. Just look at the four images below and say which is the odd one out and why. Two hints. The man in picture two (working clockwise) likes spotted dick with lashings of custard and the man in picture three we are thinking about is the one in the tree. Answers in the commpents section below by midnight Sunday.


3355 days ago

Jimmy Saville, Arthur C Clarke, Cyril Smith & Leon Brittan: Odd One Out Competition Results

Last week instead of a caption contest I asked you to name the odd one out and say why from the four gentlemen pictured below. It was so simple yet no correct winner emerged. The four men pictured below are of course: Jimmy Saville, Cyril Smith MP, Sci-fi writer Arthur C Clarke and former Tory Minister and European Commissioner Leon Brittan.




The correct answer is of course