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3475 days ago

G4S Looking for new PR Manager – Linkedin News

I see on Linkedin that G4S is looking for a new PR manager. The company that has completely ballsed up security for the Olympic games is seeking someone to: “be responsible for managing Secure Solutions UK’s media programme, focused on protecting and promoting the brand, raising G4S’s profile in the industry and wider market place, and positioning G4S as a thought leader. The role will involve developing and delivering all PR-related activities for this diverse and growing business, as well as managing crisis communications effectively, with the aim of supporting business growth, enhancing the company’s reputation and protecting the brand.

It seems to me that G4S has managed to raise its profile quite considerably in recent weeks without the need for a new PR manager. As to the challenge of “protecting the brand” well that will need quite a bit of spinning. Positioning G4S as a “thought leader”. Er…discuss.

If you are seeking a new opportunity with a view to making a bunch of complete clowns seem like they have one brain cell between them you can apply HERE

I wonder what that bloke Comical Ali who used to spin for the late Saddam Hussein is doing now. He would probably have the right sort of experience for this gig.


3476 days ago

Mining Executive Links up with Playboy PR Girl – Part 2

Well here’s fame for you. My revelation about the networking activities of mining boss Damian Conboy of AIM listed Alecto Minerals (ALO) and Playboy PR girl Lucy Sharp is a trending link on Linkedin. No, I am not exactly sure what that means either and I suspect it says a lot about the rather dry nature of Linkedin rather than the entertainment value of the piece itself. But the story seems to have moved on.

Firstly, Mr Conboy has “unfriended” me on Linkedin. This is a blow. Normally updates about new connections made by mining chaps are so dull. They link up with a new drilling mud producer or some bloke involved in interpreting 3D seismic. Damian provided rare sparkle in this dry world and so I shall miss his updates. I know that this piece will be forwarded onto him by one of his gorgeous, pouting PR babes at St Brides Media so Damian, I ask you publically to “refriend” with me on Linkedin just to brighten up my sad existence.