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Pacific Tycoon

1109 days ago

Reader Post of the Year ( 2019) – another warning about Pacific Tycoon/Davenport Laroche

I have had my threats for exposing the fraud that is Pacific Tycoon, a fraud that companies such as ADVFN (AFN) and others in UK financial services have been prepared to promote despite my exposes. It seems that Pacific now operates under two names, a reader (Daryl) has the whole scam banged to rights and relayed his experience on our comments section. This post merits a wider audience. Over to Daryl…


1930 days ago

Pacific Tycoon, the ponzi scam most UK Financial services websites assisted, is collapsing

Pacific Tycoon spent a fortune promoting its ponzi scheme promising sky high returns on investing in shipping freight containers in Asia. Being a ponzi it needed fresh suckers to pay dividends to older investors and to allow those behind this con to steal vast amounts of money. We called this as a con years ago and received demands from Pacific that we withdraw our articles on these criminals. Natch we told Pacific to fuck off.


2229 days ago

Pacific Tycoon defies gravity, yeah right: its a Norfolk

I have noted before that Pacific Tycoon, the scheme promising mouth-watering returns from investing in Asian freight containers is a ponzi. I have been asked by the company withdraw my comments but refused. Checking its website it continues to make the same outrageous claims. But hang on...


2545 days ago

Pacific Tycoon – An Open Letter to Media Owners: Please Boycott this POS

I am goaded into writing a letter to those responsible for the only financial websites that matter (ADVFN, iii, LSE and Motley Fool) asking them to follow our lead at ShareProphets and to publicly refuse to take any advertising from Pacific Tycoon because quite simply it is a scheme that will ensure readers lose money.

Pacific Tycoon promises bumper returns from renting out shipping containers in Asia. The returns it promises are amazing. And yet after rewarding investors it still spends vast sums on renting lists from financial websites to promote its scheme. The fact that it pays so much more than normal is a Red Flag in itself. And why does it market so aggressively if the returns are both that good and real?

It must be tempting for some media owners to take the cash. We have refused point blank to take its advertising because as I have written HEREHERE and HERE we think it is a big con. And we do not want any part of it.

I note 


2634 days ago

Why ShareProphets turned cash away – we have ethics and Pacific Tycoon is a con

Last week a blameless salesman at ADVFN booked a marketing solus for us for Pacific Tycoon. The Asian scammers were prepared to pay great money so we would have a big payday on it. But when I learned about this I told our partners at ADVFN that if that mailing was sent to our readers I would resign. And so it was pulled. However much money we are offered we will not expose you to folks who are just out and out criminals.

I note that a poster on this site has commented on a previous article about Pacific thus:


2690 days ago

Pacific Tycoon – A Mammoth Red Flag warning from Linda

I have noted before how a number of financial websites have accepted advertising from a company called Pacific Tycoon. We have refused to do so because we simply do not believe its claims for one nano-second. As I reported HERE, Pacific has asked me to withdraw my articles because it “damages their online reputation” but has failed to point out one financial inaccuracy and so I told it to bollocks off. I now bring you Linda’s story.

I have corresponded with Linda and she is a real person who was considering investing in Pacific. This is her story:


2803 days ago

Pacific Tycoon Tries to Silence Tom Winnifrith – it fails

A number of financial websites have taken cash from the Pacific Tycoon company in return for promoting its get rich quick schemes to their readers. We absolutely 100% refuse to carry its advertising and now it is trying to get me to withdraw a hostile article I penned more than a year ago. Guess what? I have withdrawn nothing. Indeed…

Readers can do what they wish with their money but, put it this way, I would regard a portfolio of shares in Quindell, Cupid, Iofina, Range Resources, blinkx and Globo  as a better home for your cash than with Pacific Tycoon. I am not saying this is an investment scam. My original article presented the facts and readers can draw their own conclusions.

Pacific complains about my article from February 2013. It stated by email:

 Hi Tom, there is a content in your site that harm our online reputation. Here is the link.........

Please delete it.





3253 days ago

Pacific Tycoon – Investor Red Alert

I see that some unscrupulous financial websites are taking money to send out promotions today for Pacific Tycoon. DO NOT RESPOND. DO NOT INVEST. You are being treated with utter contempt as a reader of these sites and should unsubscribe at once. And here is why.