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Panama Papers

1449 days ago

Austerity & Tax Avoidance - how the left does not get it: free unicorns for all

The tweet below refers to the Paradise Papers not the Panama Papers but that is not the glaring error. The error is to say that austerity is caused by tax evasion. It is wrong on so many counts.


1846 days ago

Cloudtag and the dodgy web of offshore connections - Panama Papers and all that..

My attention is drawn by a member of the Global Shorting Conspiracy to three most excellent posts by a chap called Nod4 on the ADVFN Bulletin Board. I have no idea who this fellow is but his digging on the fraud Cloudtag (CTAG) is most excellent. This company is all smoke and mirrows and Lucian and I have another matter of real nsignificant to raise later today. We've done a bit of sleuthing ourselves. But on the offshore stink, I can do no better than bring you Nod4's posts. Suffice to say the shares remain a sell at 19p with a target - as is the case with all frauds - of 0p. Over to Mr Nod4:


2017 days ago

Why don't we on the right beat up Policewomen?

The picture below could have been from any demonstration over the past thirty years but as it happens it was when the rent-a-mob went after Dodgy Dave after his spot of bother with the Panama Papers. Do not for a minute think that I condone the way Dodgy Dave failed to come clean on arrangements available only to rich folk like him to reduce tax. I think it shows him to be a slippery member of the 1% but that would not make me hit a rozzer, male or female.

I suppose that we on the right just dont go on "demos" very often, whoever is in power. maybe it is because we are too busy with things like holding down ourjobs or maybe we are smart enough to realise the futility of such action. I suspect that it largely boils down to the fact that we accept the democratic will of the people and so if MPs vote for a measure it has to be pretty appalling to rouse hard working right wingers to go on a march. The last great right wing demo was for life, liberty and the countryside. 

I went on that march with my, then baby, daugher on my back.


2022 days ago

Tory MP Alan Duncan - You are My servant not vice versa, if you dont like fair scrutiny fuck off

In the debate about the Panama Papers and how Dodgy Dave Cameron has now published his tax returns, slimey Tory MP Alan Duncan stood up to say how important it was that ordinary MPs did not have to follow suit. The gist of Duncan's argument was that if hard working MPs had to disclose all their financial affairs a number of top notch fellows would simply opt not to be MPs and as such the Commons would be filled with, what this squirt terms, "low achievers".

Mr Duncan, being an odious little man, forgets that MPs are our servants not vice versa. It is the taxpayer


2026 days ago

David Cameron and another tax dodge - this time it is £200,000: taxes are for little people

In order to persuade us all that he has done nothing wrong David Cameron has published his tax papers going back to 2009. The only problem is that they demonstrate explicitly that he avoided paying tax ( £70,000of tax) by a legal sleight of hand. You and I would not only have not known about that trick but also not been in line to inherit the sort of vast sums that Cameron and his sisters inherited. We are the little people. We pay taxes at normal rates.

Cameron's old man left him £300,000 direct. That woukd be £300,000 of money from the Blairmore Trust where returns were increased by not having to pay tax becuase it was based offshore. And that money went to Call Me Dave tax free. 
Most of Cameron's old man's cash went to Cameron's mum ( that would also be offshore cash as per the Panama Papers). 

A few months after CMD picked up the £300,000 ( tax free because it was under the £325,000 IHT exemption limit), Mrs Cameron senior handed CMD


2027 days ago

So David Cameron finally Comes Clean on the Panama Papers and tax - Oh no he doesn't

Finally at the fifth attempt David Cameron says that he has come clean about the offshore Blairmore Trust set up by his late father and exposed in the Panama Papers. Or has he come clean?


2029 days ago

Panama Papers: 4 times David Cameron refuses to answer the question re his tax dodging dad - why not?

David Cameron's late dad set up offshore trusts to avoid tax. It was legal but in the view of many of us a tad seedy. Did Call Me Dave or his family benefit personally? Cameron has now issued four statements but not answered the critical frigging questions.

In statement one Cameron said it was none of our business, in statement two he said he owned no shares or offshore Trusts, statement three saw CMD saying his family and he were not benefitting from the trusts and statement four said they will not benefit from them.

But the specific questions we really need to have answered are:


2030 days ago

Panama Papers: Tory Fat Cat Dominic Grieve: "save the banksters in offshore tax havens"

I am not sure that this shows how "in touch" Mr David Cameron's Tories are with the zeitgeist but his former Attorney General Dominic Grieve MP does not want a hasty reaction to the Panama Papers because he thinks we must protect the, now threatened, species that is the offshore bankster. 

Like many on the right, I find the idea that multi millionaires, like David Cameron's late father can pay sod all tax becuase they use offshore shell companies while folks like you and I pay the full whack a bit distasteful. It is sordid and patently unfair that "taxes are for little people". Conservatism should be about meritocracy and opportunity for all not just helping a small financial elite get even richer.

Of course one way to get the small super rich spivs back onshore is to lower UK tax rates and I am a big supporter of that.

But equally it does seem just wrong that crown colonies are allowing the uber rich to pay sweet FA and -as the Panama Papers make clear - to allow other rich folk to engage in money laundering. The former is distatsteful, the latter illegal.

Could we clamp down on what goes on in crown colonies like the BVI, Jersey and the Isle of Man? Yes we could. We could, for instance