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Paul Johnson

10 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - what about the victims?

I discuss a fascinating article about XL Media (XLMHERE in the Times of Israel. If I wanted to list a fraud I’d be big on ESG as was XL. Chris Bailey’s fund manager pals would love it as I stole all the cash. I look at gender targets and ask what they should be, referencing Principals of Cambridge Colleges. I look at Mercantile Ports (MPL) and PrimaryBid and then what I plan, or hope, to do next about the fraud Umuthi (UHS), ask the victims to tell their stories. I look at Paul Johnson’s Power Metal Resources (POW) and its latest news which takes me back to 2007 and Mark Watson Mitchell’s Yellowcake. I comment on Asimilar (ASLR) and then go to town on Deepverge (DVRG) and its journalist trolling cock of a CEO Gerry Brandon explaining why I believe investors were materially misled in the run up to the £10 million June 7 placing and why the company is, for a variety of reasons, a total bargepole. It is just not investment grade material.


1506 days ago

Podcast: Tom Winnifrith reads The Gruffalo in Shetlandese for Woodlarks

Anyone with kids will know the classic tale The Gruffalo. One godfather of my baby son Joshua recently worked in the Shetland Islands so gave him a copy of the book in Shetlandese. I was reading that to Joshua, the other day, when a mining fellow called Paul Johnson rang and Paul said that if I recorded a podcast of the Gruffalo in Shetlandese then he would donate £100 to my favourite charity Woodlarks, which I have been supporting for more than a decade and a half. I know that I will sound like a total prat and my apologies go out to Gruffalo author Julia Donaldson and to the entire population of the Shetland Isles but it is for a good cause. If you appreciate this exercise in self-humiliation and wish to make a small donation to a good cause go to the Woodlarks website HERE


1510 days ago

EXCLUSIVE: papers lodged to oust The Professor & Maureen Jones from Conroy at new GM: The Sheriff will be there!

I can reveal that papers have this afternoon been lodged in Dublin with Conroy Gold & Natural Resources (CGNR) calling for a second GM to install three new directors: Paul Johnson, Patrick O'Sullivan and Gervaise Heddle. But after the sodomising of democracy that was the last GM, this time the rebels are also calling for the sacking of Professor Richard Conroy and his sidekick Maureen Jones. I will be going to this GM to back the rebels. The Sheriff of AIM will get his man, Prof Con you are on notice!


1518 days ago

Conroy Gold - About that affidavit: GM looms a few points the rebels really need to clarify NOW

This Friday shareholders in Conroy Gold & Natural Resources (CGNR) will meet in Dublin to decide whether to oust most of the board and replace them with Paul Johnson, Gervaise Heddle and 28% shareholder Patrick O'Sullivan. Court documents filed in Dublin last week beg serious questions but not for the board but for the rebels.


1562 days ago

Conroy Gold boardroom purge looks a certainty

On June 8th Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) said that it had received a demand to hold a GM to clear out most of the existing board and replace them with Paul Johnson and Gervaise Heddle linked to Metal Tiger and large shareholder Patrick O'Sullivan. Since then silence.


1997 days ago

Metal Tiger the debate - CEOs should not talk share prices on twitter

I stand accused by Was Shakoor, Doc Holiday and others of being a tad charitable towards Metal Tiger (MTR) in today's BearCast HERE. Folks if you listen carefully you will note that I said the shares were clearly overvalued in relation to NAV. I do however make one observation about a tweet below from Paul Johnson the CEO.


2098 days ago

Video Interview from Gold & Bears: Metal Tiger

The next interview is with my pal Paul Johnson of Metal Tiger (MTR), He may be from the grim North but don't hold it against him...