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33 days ago

Into the Mountfield sewers wade Cathal Friel and, maybe, Open Orphan

After years as a serial AIM dog about which we repeatedly warned, Mountfield Group (MOGP) is now  a cash shell c/o a Peterhouse Corporate Finance Special. A recent placing at 0.1975p has allowed many of the spiv, sewer dwelling, clients of Peterhouse to flip their stock for a quick turn. For them and also the advisers who racked up costs of c£300,000 on the £3.1 million placing it is coke, hookers and in many cases warrants all round. Yum Yum. But this is perhaps not a total tale from the sewer.


37 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Peterhouse Corporate Finance wades into the transgender wars

A few words on the Budget then is Peterhouse staffed by woke loons or alt right freaks or both? I discuss in relation to Mountfield (MOGP). I look at Marchale (MAC), Iconic (ICON), Optibiotix (OPTI) and Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX).


45 days ago

Richard Poulden - your new hire is bonkers

Yesterday I discussed the shocking share ramp by David Lenigas, Zak Mir, Peterhouse Corporate Finance of Richard Poulden’s Upper Thames Holdings (UPPT), a  business with £300,000 of cash, zero operations, which is capitalised at £6.4 million and still the ramp goes on. Part of that ramp is the hire as a non board advisor of Vinay Gupta, a blockchain guru. Sadly, Mr Poulden your new hire is bonkers. Here is how he explains how we can all become millionaires overnight.


81 days ago

Ridgecrest Ramp – Sordid LSE Sharetalk & Peterhouse Corporate Finance an axis of evil?

I guess with shares in [email protected] Capital (SYME) now suspended, the paid for penny share ramper Alex McKinley of LSE Sharetalk, employer of the Sith Lord Zak Mir, needs to find other shite to promote with ludicrous targets plucked from thin air. I flagged up one zero sales entity enjoying full on ABM pumping here, now have a butcher’s at Ridgecrest (RDGC) which this loathsome sewer dweller is pumping today.


88 days ago

As cash shells go…..this is worth a small punt

Most cash shells are the results of failed businesses and have sod all cash and are run either indirectly by Peterhouse Corporate Finance or by out and out scallywags or in some cases both. And most now trade at massive premiums to net cash and have a shareholder list comprising Bulletin Board Morons diluted to oblivion and scoundrel flippers brought in by Peterhouse and waiting to flip into the first ramp. But here is one that is different and worth a small punt.


361 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Do not celebrate my Optibiotix humiliation too much & the murky uber ramp at AAA

I start with a note on Bidstack (BIDS), which I shall be taking up with AIM Regulation over the weekend and end with Future (FUTR) which needs to issue a profits warning. In the middle I go therough the very murky tale at AIM listed All Active Asset (AAA) which sees uber ramper Chris Akers in action and Peterhouse Corporate Finance boss Peter Greensmith make a £768,000 killing in his private vehicles while acting as broker and pulling the strings at AAA and also acting as broker to suspended AIM stock Asimilar which is involved in this strange tangle. Then it is onto Optibiotix (OPTI) and a small placing. But this is not a bailout as Cynical will no doubt claim but,possibly a gateway, to a mega re-rate as I explain.


589 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Sam Hutchins scoop admitted to by GRIT but not enough - public career hanging needed now

Global Resources Investment Trust (GRIT) has today fessed up to some of the shocking revelations on this website about its former boss David “Sam” Hutchins. A small ouzo for the Sheriff for hos breakfast is perhaps in order. But this is not enough. GRIT and its adviser, Peterhouse Corporate Finance, need to go to the FCA and ensure there is a public“career execution” for smug Sam as part of a zero tolerance approach to those who break the rules. I also discuss Malcom’s bonkers views on the housebuilders and what the Shoe Zone (SHOE) warning and writedwns says about commercial property NAVs, ref Intu (INTU) and Hammerson (HMSO) in particular. 


872 days ago

Sabien -99.7% value destruction since IPO, another bailout placing, it won’t be the last

Oh dear! Bad news from the boiler room. In this case I refer not to the offices of Peterhouse Corporate Finance, broker to this dog but to Sabien (SNT) itself, yet another company that planned to revolutionise the world of boilers when it raised money at 52p and listed in December 2006. Today’s latest bailout placing is at 0.1p and the owners of the 400 million pieces of confettu issued will end up owning 64% of the enlarged equity. More dilution vicar? It will not be the last.


1215 days ago

BOS Global - Peterhouse ignoring letter yesterday, desperately trying to close massively discounted placing today

Peterhouse Corporate Finance was yesterday sent a letter by me urging it to make potential placees aware of the massive regulatory risk directors of BOS Global (BOS) face from ASIC ahead of any fund raise. I am sad to say that Peterhouse appears to be ignoring my generous advice driven by the season of goodwill. Meanwhile the share price is slumping - now just 0.7p to sell - as the broker hits the phones.


1215 days ago

BREAKING: BOS Global - and another thing - is Peterhouse telling potential investors that it has no right to do a deeply discounted placing

I have pointed out earlier that Peterhouse Corporate Finance has real issues in trying to get away a placing at 0.25p or perhaps 0.1p in AIM dog BOS Global (BOS). With the shares at 0.7p bid some may be tempted but before they send cash over to broker Peterhouse they do know the broker cannot do a placing don't they? Er.. something else Peterhouse is not telling its clients maybe?


1225 days ago

Strat Aero placing and open offer - but in best case it is still bust by February!

Cometh the day cometh the broker who will raise cash for any old shite even if it is bust both before and not long after the exercise, as long as it can hand stock at a huge discount to its mates so they can flip and earn lots of lovely jubbly commission as well. Peterhouse Corporate Finance meet Strat Aero (AERO).


1346 days ago

AIM dog Eastbridge goes bust having given all its cash to a conman on the run - who will take the rap for this f**k up?

Peterhouse Corporate Finance, Mr Greg Colliar, crap Nomad Northland, Mr William Vandyk are you sitting comfortably? You sure? Now read on for yet another horror story emerging from the AIM casino....


1356 days ago

Glenwick - the whole farce unravels so let the recriminations begin....

Oh dear, this really is a clusterfuck even by the lowly standards of the AIM Casino. You will remember that AIM listed Glenwick (GWIK), linked via Peterhouse Corporate Finance and Amanda Van Dyke to fellow AIM dog Paternoster Resources (PRS) in a related party snakefest, has had its shares suspended an RTO but there have been a few problemos. Oh dear. Oh dear.


1361 days ago

SHOCKING: Nyota - the killer emails: Peterhouse has defrauded investors and misled them

Our exclusive Winnileaks service has obtained a series of emails from May 3rd 2017 which show that Peterhouse Corporate Finance has misled investors in Nyota Minerals (NYO) - these emails compound the damning evidence of the secret document I published on Wednesday. This is so damning that maybe even the useless clowns at AIM Regulation will take an interest.


1363 days ago

Nyota - shamed Nomad & Broker Quit but Winnileaks suggests they are not telling you everything

The Nomad and broker to AIM Casino listed Nyota Minerals (NYO) have today announced that they will cease to act as of August 17. So Nyota has one month from then to get new advisers or its shares will be booted off the market. Nyota may well be a worthless bag of shit but it is what the Nomad, disgraced scumbags Beaumont Cornish, and broker Peterhouse Corporate Finance are NOT telling you that is the real scandal.


1487 days ago

Stellar Diamonds fools Digital Look with diamond discovery - it should be ashamed

The roll call of shame on today's RNS from Stellar Diamonds: Nomad Cairn Financial (Emma Earl, that name rings a bell), Broker Beaufort Securities (Jon Bellis), joint broker Peterhouse Corporate Finance (Martin Lampshire), Financial Advisers Mirabaud (Rory Scott), Pr St Brides ( Lottie Brocklehurst). The headline is "709 Carat Diamond Discovered in Sierra Leone." Fuck me: where do I buy Stellar shares? These guys have just discovered the 13th biggest diamond in the country's history. Fuck me again - where is my fucking stockbroker? Oh er hang on...


1549 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - a New Prospectus brings shame on all concerned - shockingly misleading

Cynical Bear has written a fascinating article today on Simian Global (SMG) - HERE. Cynical Bear you are a wuss. You are far too generous about this crock of Turkish. If one goes to the prospectus and then cross references with companies house you will find a story of true horrors, something that the prospectus fails to mention, indeed it deliberately gives you a completely different impression. This prospectus stains all involved with it ( directors Edward Ng and Ajay Rajpal, Peterhouse Corporate Finance, Edwin Coe and the UKLA) with complete shame. How on earth do these folks sleep at night? My target price for the shares is 0p.


1559 days ago

African Potash - where did it hide the £600,000 bung to Beryl in its 2016 accounts?

You may well remember that one of the frauds committed by African Potash (AFPO) in November 2015 was the announcement of a ramptastic deal with Beryl Holdings. The company announced all the good bits ( which as it happens failed completely to materialise in any way shape or form) but neglected to mention a £600,000 bung it had agreed to pay to Beryl. Unfortuanately for lyin' Chris Cleverley I got hold of the contract and pubished it and also alerted auditors RSM Tenon to its existence.


1945 days ago

Video: INVST presents at Gold & Bears November 2015

Aha this is my old pal Eran Zucker from Peterhouse Corporate Finance. Do not be fooled by the mild appearance, Eran served in the Israeli army and is also an exceptional cook for what it is worth. He is a nice guy. Quite what INVST does is beyond me but let Eran explain. PS Eran... I agree with your boss, cut the hipster beard.


1953 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast special: Silver Falcon - City greed and white collar crime makes me feel sick

From failed ISDX investment company Black Eagle, c/o Peter Redmond, to Silver Falcon (SILF) this is a tale of City greed and white collar crime by private investors. It makes me feel utterly sick. All the usual suspects feature: the scumbags at Optiva, Peterhouse Corporate Finance, Redmond, Geoff Dart. Vomit, vomit, vomit


2069 days ago

Rangers International Football Club Stockmarket Re-float –up to £20 million to be raised

Rangers International Football (RFC) recently announced the appointment of Peterhouse Corporate Finance as its ISDX advisor, and sources close to the deal say that ISDX is desperate for RIFC to join its junior market in London. A few uncertainties remain.

Sources close to the deal have revealed that bosses at Peterhouse have had four meetings with RIFC Chairman David Cunningham King – with the FCA now having cleared Mr King as fit and proper to run a public company.

However, in order to list on ISDX RIFC must show that it has enough cash to last 18 months. Right now it has net debt of £5 million to the loathed Mike Ashley and