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384 days ago

Things the Rotten BBC will not report: can you guess who is America’s most admired man?

On the main BBC news programme the other day, veteran BBC reporter John Simpson, a man who has Guardian reading liberal prejudices in his DNA and whose sense of smug superiority is ever present, served up a report on the Foreign Policy transition from Donald Trump to the man who wants to smell your teenage daughter’s hair.



1292 days ago

Syria – what the liberal media is not telling you – get ready for blowback as the West suffers the price of its folly

I have noted time and time again that the West has been backing the wrong side in Syria. And that side is now losing ground at an alarming rate much to the joy of native Syrians.  Now that  mortars belonging to the Free Syrian Army, aka Al Qaeda, the folks Call Me Dave Cameron termed “moderates”, no longer pound Damascus, the Western media begrudgingly and rarely shows footage of a capital that is safe, prospering, free and happy.  Now President Assad helped by Russia is seeking to seize control of the South West of Syria, the area bordering Israel and Jordan.


1832 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Postcard: 8 years of Obama: Hype not hope

The liberal media is eulogising President Hopey Change as he prepares to leave office. President Obama is still talking about Hope. But the reality is that it has been eight years of hype not hope and it is the poor and the blacks who have suffered most under this failure of a President. I review the facts the liberal media establishment opt to ignore, and consider the real legacy of Obama in this podcast.


1832 days ago

Video: Irish MP Clare Daly may be barking mad but she has Obama spot on "Hypocrite of the Century"

Ms Daly is the TD for North Dublin and is of the Corbynite class of barking mad but when President Obama came to Ireland in 2013 she nailed him perfectly and also put a fawning media and local political establishment firmly in their place. Speaking in the Dail, Clare says it as it is and watching the video below I rather warm to the old fruitbat.


1966 days ago

Britain and America have Kurdish blood on our hands - yet the BBC covers it up

Last week the Americans held a press conference in Turkey in which the USA warned the brave Kurds (its ally) to stop besieging an ISIS held town of Jarablus and to allow the tanks of the fascist President Erdogan to cross the border to take control. That was bad enough but what followed has been far worse and our media, notably the BBC, has done nothing in the face of Orwellian lies and betrayal.


1986 days ago

British Forces are in Syria - are we stark raving mad?

There is now clear evidence that British special forces are on the ground in Syria assisting Free Syrian Army (FSA) jihadists. The BBC spins a Government lie and reports this as being in a fight against ISIS.. But the FSA is, of course, also fighting President Assad''s Government and its Russian and Syrian allies. This is madness.


1987 days ago

So what if Malia Obama smokes weed - what has her father been smoking since 2008?

The elder daughter of the President of the United States appears to have been caught on camera by someone, she thought was a friend, smoking a joint. Hell's teeth the girl is eighteen and, it now appears, normal, what is the fuss? She must be feeling a bit betrayed by her "friend" and why the hell shouldn't she have a bit of dope like every other American teenager? It may be illegal but the law is a patent ass. And even arch conservatives must know that. It is not working and it utterly unenforceable.

I despise


1999 days ago

ISIS & Al Qaeda must be praying that Crooked Hillary Clinton defeats Trump

As Obama's Secretary of State, it was crooked Hillary that did so much to create the mess that is Syria today. Over the past four years President hopey change has slowly backtracked and at last peace is in sight out East. Both ISIS and the, largely Islamofascist and often Al-Qaeda affiliated, Free Syrian Army, FSA, are in retreat. But crooked Hillary has plans to change all of that.

What is it with the Democrats and blood lust?


2092 days ago

As a supporter of Brexit I pray " can President Obama come over and try to bully us to stay again"

Dodgy Dave and team Project Fear could not contain their delight when President Obama came over and warned we Brits that we just MUST vote to stay in the EU. If we don't we can't trade with the US, ISIS will invade tomorrow and next time around when Germany wants to play at its national sport,  America will be on the side of the Krauts. It all sounded rather grim and Cameron et al could not contain their delight.



2096 days ago

President Obama on Brexit - you are a hypocritical bastard, where's your open border with Mexico?

And for that matter when are you going to allow non US citizens to make laws for the USA? President Obama is entitled to say what is in the interests of the US but to tell me how I should vote is rank hypocrisy. that the loathsome Clinton woman agrees with Obama tells me more than enough. On a historic note, this poster tweeted out by the leave campaign is superb and says it all.


2137 days ago

President Obama vs Pixie Lott: who do I believe on Brexit? Natch its Pixie

You might think that pop singer Pixie Lott is just another brainless airhead. Au contraire. Apparently she got straight A's at GCSE despite having to record her first album at the same time and thus she can probably tell President Obama all about events in 1776 which the American leader seems to have forgotten all about.

Back then, the folks in the USA resented bitterly being ruled by an empire over the water. They did not like a man for whom they had not voted ( As Ms Lott knows I refer to George 3rd) stiffing them with taxes which exceded expenditure in the colonies or imposing a lot of unwanted new rules and regulations. And thus the Americans declared their independence.

With no sense of irony, George 3rd, sorry I meant President Obama is planning to fly to the UK to lecture us on why we must vote against Brexit and not enjoy our own independence day on June 23rd. Obama can


2632 days ago

Well Done America – a good kicking for Obama, the vile Clinton family and the Democrats

The front page of the Telegraph’s coverage of the US midterms has the vile Clinton woman hugging the harridan Democrat incumbent in North Carolina. The democrat harridan lost her Senate Seat. Back in Bill Clinton’s home state the lecherous old dirtbag himself turned out nine times in support of the incumbent Democrat senator. He lost too. President hopey change is now so toxic that he was barely seen on the stump at all with many Democrats refusing to use his name and one high profile Senate challenger refusing to say if she had even voted for the man she refused to name. It did not save her. She lost too.

The GOP now runs both the Senate and the House. President Obama is a widely loathed lame duck President and all those associated with him, including the loathsome Clintons are equally tarnished. What a great day for America.

Six years ago President Obama promised so much and was promptly given the Nobel Peace prize. Six years later


2674 days ago

Syria – whose side are we on today? Our leaders are clueless and do not speak for me

Last summer I argued that the West’s policy towards Syria was madness. I feel more than vindicated but madness has led to greater madness. Back in 2013 President Assad was the bad guy. The Western press, egged on by the vile Clinton woman, President Obama, Call Me Dave, the War Criminal Blair and others argued that he was so wicked we had a duty to arm the rebels, which we duly did. I pointed out here that many of these rebels were Islamofascist nutters who hated us and that this was an error. 

I also noted how both sides in Syria committed atrocities and that I could not play God in saying whose side we should be on. But our leaders knew better and armed the rebels including folks who are now fighting with ISIS. Yes, we assisted ISIS. We gave these nutters our weapons.

Watching TV now it seems that we are bombing the shit out of ISIS, the main force fighting evil President Assad. But we are also still arming and training anti Assad forces who are deemed “moderate”. Whatever.

ISIS will not be destroyed by death raining down from the skies. 


2720 days ago

US Air Strikes will not save the Kurd Oil plays forever

President Obama has now ordered his warplanes to bomb some ISIS Islamofascist loons off to a place where they get to meet 72 virgins.  He is now off on a 2 week golfing holiday. If you think that this will save the Kurd oil plays in London - Genel (GENL) and Gulf Keystone (GKP) here is why you are wrong.

You need to think back to the last but one totally useless disaster of a Democrat to sit in the white house, the lamentable Jimmy Carter. He and his party were haunted by one event for many years – the capture of US hostages in Tehran. Carter tried a military option to get them out and it failed. The hostages only came back home when Jimmy had been replaced by the greatest President the US has ever known, Ronald Reagan.

It is not hostages that Obama fears. For ISIS makes the mad mullahs of Iran seem like cappuccino sipping, Guardian reading liberal pussies. What Obama dreads


2872 days ago

Barraco barner 17 GCSE twitter girl is dumb but Britain is dumber still

If barraco barner is our president why is he getting involved in Russia, scary tweeted 20 year old Gemma Worrall (@gemworrallx) a 20 year old receptionist at a Blackpool beauty salon the other day. This tweet from a bird who is not a bad looker but is quite obviously thick as two short planks is now attracting worldwide attention.

Woolly-minded liberals say that at least she is showing an interest in politics and should be applauded for that. Gemma says she is now going to look more closely at events in the Ukraine. Those of us who are less charitable are minded to say that she is obviously just stupid both for her spelling of the name of President Obama and for thinking that he ran the UK.

Taking the third way, to quote the war criminal Blair, I do not think that Gemma is in relative terms that stupid although in absolute terms she is obviously thick. After all she has 17 GCSEs and two A-Levels (in Travel & Tourism).  For that I like to think Gemma has done us all a service.

If this brainless bint has amassed 17 GCSEs that shows that, as some of us reactionaries have been suggesting for years, that these qualifications are so easy to gain that they are almost worthless. I imagine that there are tens of thousands of other imbeciles who are applauded for their “hard work” in racking up their GCSEs by their bone-idle liberal teachers but who are, in fact, just as thick at Gemma. GCSE’s are worthless pieces of paper.

Then we turn to A-Levels.


2956 days ago

How low can war criminal Tony Blair stoop? The Mandela Funeral

Most attention in the “reasons to loathe and despise politicians” discussion following the funeral of Nelson Mandela has focussed on Call Me Dave, Obama and the Danish PM ( Neil Kinnock’s daughter-in-law) taking a “selfie.” It was a lapse of judgement and showed an unnerving degree of disrespect. But compared to the War Criminal Blair, Dave was model mourner.

Naturally Blair was at the funeral to pay his respects. But Mammon is more important than Mandela…to Blair at least. And as such he found this global convention a good opportunity to introduce his latest billionaire “client” to Barack Obama. The photos of the handshake suggest that eve the President was mildly embarrassed.

But, hey Tony, why let a spot of grieving get in the way of business? Even by the abject standards of Blair such behaviour has to mark a new low. At what point will he stop getting invited to anything to spare the blushes of the world?

Incidentally, on the subject of war crimes…


2997 days ago

Who should be burned as an effigy on your bonfire tonight? Kate McCann? President Assad or Obama? Polly Toynbee?

As we start to discover the latest damning revelations about sleazy MPs and their expense fiddles it seems harsh to burn an effigy of poor old Guy Fawkes tonight. He was the last man to enter Parliament with honest intentions. So whose effigy should it be?

Judging by the comments on my latest article on the McCann parents about half the population think that an effigy of Kate McCann should be burned. About the other half seem to believe that anyone who dares say a word about the sainted McCann’s should be burned. Forget effigies they should actually be burned.

Which is the bigger war criminal? President Assad or President Obama or for that matter Tony Blair? What about en effigy of Polly Toynbee – the old witch has been poisoning the body politic with her muddle headed thoughts for years, she has to be a contender.

Me? I am just too much of a nice guy. I am more worried about how the cats will react to the fireworks than whose effigy should be burned. But there are many folks more deserving of the effigy treatment than poor old Guy Fawkes.

Oh, push me. For her unique contriubution to driving through insane human rights legislation, for her vile condoning of Hamas, for supporting her war criminal of a husband, for being a filthy freeloader and for being wrong on every great issue and sanctimoniuous with it, for her sheer avarice ...I'd burn an effigy of the Wicked Witch herself, Ms Cherie Blair.


3115 days ago

EU Grants to Listed companies - picking losers with your cash ( the reverse Midas touch)

All Governments across the globe have an appalling track record when it comes to picking stockmarket losers when it comes to handing out grants and loans. Ask President Obama about Solara? Remember John De Lorean?  And with the EU unable to get its own accounts signed off without qualification you would expect that it would be the worst stock picker of the lot.  You would expect correctly.

In light of Avanti Communications (AVN) profits warning today, I offer up a list of PLCs that have secured EU grant funding. It seems like an ideal short portfolio. The list may not be complete but it is a starter for ten.


3147 days ago

Now the UK Government wants to ban the press from reporting on how it helped the US spy on UK citizens

The British Government is threatening journalists with jail if they report on how the British Government helped the US Government to spy on you and me – innocent British citizens. Oh, and it has also threatened journalists with jail if they report on the fact that they are being threatened with jail.  1984 in Airstrip One – this is surreal. And terrifying.

The background is that it emerged last week that the US PRISM programme where US intelligence services snooped (illegally) on millions of emails, Facebook postings, etc. of ordinary US citizens actually operated in the UK too thanks to the folk at GCHQ.

President Obama thinks it is okay to snoop on anyone in the interests of National Security. But under this administration other Government agencies have been used for expressly political purposes. The IRS (the US taxman) has been shown to have explicitly targeted and abused those folk who contributed to Republican and Right Wing groups. Do I trust a State agency to always act fairly? Never. Do I trust one under Obama’s stewardship? Never, never, never.

What is chilling is that the same sort of abuse is going on in the UK. And the Government is doing its utmost to stop you finding out about it. While GCHQ is set to report to MPs as soon as next week on what it did do I trust a criminal to report on himself? So far it has been the much maligned press making all the running.

And that brings me to June 7th when the British Defence Ministry press advisory committee, reacting to a flurry of revelations in the American press about massive warrantless US government electronic surveillance programs, warned UK organizations Friday not to publish British national security information.

Defiance of the June 7th “DA-Notice” could make British journalists vulnerable to prosecution under the Official Secrets Act.  And it gets better – that DA notice was itself marked confidential and so revealing its existence is a breach of the Official Secrets Act.

The DA-Notice accepted that the U.S. National Security Agency was indeed working with spooks in the UK but said that our spooks are worried about revelations of their involvement. Too frigging right. They should be worried. This is a scandal and another sprint down the road to 1984 here in Airstrip One.

 The DA Notice states:

"There have been a number of articles recently in connection with some of the ways in which the UK Intelligence Services obtain information from foreign sources," said the notice issued by the Defence Advisory Committee, a joint body with media organizations.

"Although none of these recent articles has contravened any of the guidelines contained within the Defence Advisory Notice System, the intelligence services are concerned that further developments of this same theme may begin to jeopardize both national security and possibly UK personnel," it said.

The notice is marked "Private and Confidential: Not for publication, broadcast or use on social media."  

Well this blog is anti-social media.  If the spooks want to arrest me I have just sent an email to myself marked Barack Obama is a c*** which has details of where I shall be this weekend.; No doubt they can hack into gmail and find out where to get me.


3238 days ago

Saturday Caption Contest – Falkland Islands Referendum Special

The people of the Falkland Islands will this weekend be allowed a vote on whether they wish to stay British or become Argies. How novel, folks being allowed to decide from where they are ruled? I doubt it will ever catch on back in the UK or not at least until 2018 or whenever.
Some people like the President of a nation built on the principle of self-determination back in 1776 (I refer to President Obama) do not care about the result and want the UK to start talks with the bankrupt imperialists of Argentina anyway.  I guess Obama is a clued up on democracy as he is on economics. 
But in honour of this vote I bring you this week’s Caption Contest. The winner gets a Piss off Argentina T-shirt which of course you can buy (with a Piss off Argentina mug) here.

For what it is worth my caption is:  

“Once again the Argies get that sinking feeling as the Falkland Islands referendum results come in”
If you can come up with anything better please post your entries in the comments section below.
Last week I served up two photos. The first was of Lord Rennard preparing to interview Lib Dem candidates for Parliament and the second was of a man who cannot remember anything bad and will be looking for a new job in 2015.


3364 days ago

#SaySomethingNiceAboutObama – Trending on twitter

Okay this is meaningless stuff but there are a few cracking tweets. For what it is worth my own was:

okay then: He is just a bit less loathsome and appalling than Hillary Clinton. Best I could do. Sorry

Others did far better. Perhaps the medium works best if you follow on twitter. There are a few stormers in there including:

he’s killed way more people than any other Nobel Peace Prize winner has.

Under President Obama it takes me far less time to put $20 of gas in my car.

Because of Obama I’ve learned to spell narcissist without spellcheck

I’ve never seen a more loving relationship between a president & his teleprompter. It’s inspiring, really.

he is good at math. Subtracts from the workforce, adds 2 high gas costs, multiplies Debt, and Divides country

He turned me into a flaming reactionary, and it feeeels sooo goood!!!

Former President Obama has a nice ring to it.

He makes Jimmy Carter look like the greatest president ever!

He’s leaving soon.

He liked poor people so much, he made a million more.


3518 days ago

Gold - $2,000 oz or $3,000 oz?

Gold raced ahead on Friday by almost $100 to $1625 oz. I have long predicted $2,000 gold for 2012 – I actually think we are heading rather higher. For weeks gold has been slipping (to a low of $1525). This has not been the fault of gold but of the morons who run (I use the word loosely) the EU. As the Euro has tanked there has been a flight to the US dollar and gold has slipped in dollar terms as a result. But now there are worries about the US.