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61 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Happy Brexit has been done New Year to you all

I mean it. happy New Year to you all especially our own in house Euro loon Jonathan Price who will be in tears at 11 PM Tonight. I shall not be! In this podcast I discuss the FCA and today’‘s mini-bond calamity in waiting, [email protected] Capital (SYME) and the Marwyn vehicle (MAC1) where Vin Murria is now on board but where it seems impossible to buy shares. That’s not much fun is it? Vin: how about a Primary Bid offer for we plebs?  I also lash out at Priti Patel and the Tories for blowing off the public sector while the private sector is screwed. I thought that is what Labour was for.


77 days ago

Edison’s grossly misleading research on Dragon Sarah Willingham’s Nightcap – this is a monumental deception of retail investors

Edison has served up a research note on Sarah Willingham’s NightCap group which will soon list on AIM and is trying to raise £6 million, including from retail punters via Primary Bid. Edison is paid to produce its research so, like a hooker who never tells her clients that they have bad breath, a microscopic penis or unpleasant fungal growths, Edison says only nice things. But this promotion is downright misleading. It is a shocker as you can see HERE Let’s start with the opening paragraph.


78 days ago

Dragon's Den Sarah Willingham and her Nightcap float –a bargepole offering from Primary Bid

After the company’s PR firm managed to persuade another lacky journalist at the Sunday Times to do a massive puff piece for Nightcap, a firm run by Dragon’s Den Sarah Willingham, I am this morning invited to invest in the AIM Casino IPO via Primary Bid. Here is what the Sunday Times and other pliant hacks do not tell you and this is why “I’m out” on this one. I’d rather eat my own toenails than invest.


102 days ago

WH Ireland screws private investors in Pantheon Resources

Pantheon Resources (PANR) today completed a massive $30.2 million placing and Primary Bid offer at 31p. The shares were 33.7p bid  (off 4.5%) yesterday but on the 13th they were 40p with some mug punters paying well North of that. On 11th November with the shares at 31p broker WH Ireland published a lengthy research note.


152 days ago

This Primary Bid offer is tempting – certainly worth a small punt

Most Primary Bid offers I can happily ignore. But the one just announced looks interesting.


220 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: It's all about cash as the real economy tanks

I start with the rather stupid, uber-woke dismal Tory MP for Wrexham Sarah Atherton and her latest photo tweet. I move via International Consolidated Airlines (AIG) as I discuss just how awful the real economy is, how no-one, especially Intercontinental, has any earnings visibility and the steps companies are taking to maximise cash but to mislead about their cash position. I mentioned Primary Bid. Make sure you are registered HERE.


267 days ago

Is Malcolm Stacey Edith Piaf? Avacta £45m fund raise at 120p, including Primary Bid

A week ago, Malcolm Stacey could have sold his shares in Avacta (AVCT) at more than 200p each. In fact I think the old trading genius might just have done that. Then the company started “sounding out” investors about a fund raise and, not that anyone in London ever breaks insider dealing laws so this is a total coincidence, the shares started tumbling fast. As I write they are off by 5p at 132-5p as it has announced am up to £45 million fund raise at 120p. I don’t blame it.


268 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Leading folks up the garden Pathfinder in this way is Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

Firstly the links. For reasons discussed, if you are not registered with Primary Bid register for free now HERE. Secondly we are at 33% help us to save Woodlarks donate HERE. Heck even daughter Olaf has dipped into her vodka funds to donate. In the podcast I look at IWG (IWG), Pathfinder Minerals (PFP), Cineworld (CINE), Bidstack (BIDS), Fox Marble (FOX) and, sorry Jim, Condor Gold (CNR). I also look at the “wisdom” of appointing a Chief Diversity Officer. 


284 days ago

Open Orphan £12m fund raise including Primary Bid – full steam ahead on the Covid bandwagon

This was a tip of the year at a 4.6p offer. I told folks to sell at 10p+. I sold just under half mine at 10.55p and warned I’d sell more at 15p which I did. So my holding is now relatively smalla nd as such I make a couple of observations about today’s fund raise which strikes me as utterly opportunistic but the right thing to do when the shares had got well ahead of themselves.


293 days ago

An open letter to 40 AIM CEOs – you just cannot screw private investors this time

With share prices on the up but earnings & transaction visibility almost nil every CEO should be considering a fund raise. It would be irresponsible not to do so. Yet most of them are prepared to do so in a way the needlessly screws private investors. This cannot go on. I have today written to the CEOs of 40 companies. The letter follows

If you are doing a placing this year I may no longer be able to consider supporting your company if you exclude private investors

To: 40 AIM CEOs
cc Primary Bid


306 days ago

Today’s Primary Bid Offer is more big league than usual – Inland Homes, I am almost tempted

Folks often carp that Primary Bid  offers are at the scuzzier end of the AIM casino. That charge cannot be levelled today. Inland Homes (INL) is a proper company and this is a serious, largely institutional, fund raise.


310 days ago

Want exposure to a Neil Woodford AIM dog? Today’s Primary Bid Offer closes at 3.30 PM but Cheryl Cole shows the way

With olther folks cash, Neil Woodford was a big fan. The company has missed all its targets to date. Even now, having belatedly slashed costs, Xeros (XSG), the company founded to disrupt the world of washing machines, does not expect break even until Q2 2022. What could possibly go wrong? I reckon there is more chance of me shagging Cheryl Cole by Q2 2022 than of this company reaching breakeven by 2022 but we shall see. Anyhow if you are tempted, not by Cheryl – that is a given – but by Xeros here is your chance.


330 days ago

Today's Primary Bid Offer is SRT Marine Systems and closes at 9 PM Tonight

I have not got a scooby about this one so offer no advice. But if you take part in this Primary Bid offer HERE and registered via Shareprophets remember we get a small fee.  I should however flag up that young Steve Moore, who was, after all, trained by a master and is thus usually right, reckons that this is another FinnCrap dog to avoid.


434 days ago

This weekend’s Primary Bid Offer is Futura Medical and it is worth a small punt

You know that if you register with Primary Bid via us and take up one of its offers we earn a few bob. Okay. Most of its offers are utter dogs and so I kick myself in the gonads and suggest avoiding like the plague. This weekend’s offer is, on the other hand, worth a small punt so sign up HERE and take part.


447 days ago

Kicking myself hard in the gonads: DO NOT take part in today’s Primary Bid offer for Premier African Minerals

Any time someone registered via this website takes part in a Primary Bid offering we earn a few quid and so for that reason I urge you ALL to sign up HERE as, now and again, Primary Bid has some good offers. Today’s offering to raise cash at 0.1p comes from Premier African Minerals (PREM) is not such an offer. In fact…


466 days ago

Kicking myself hard in the gonads: DO NOT take part in today’s Primary Bid offer for Infrastrata

Any time someone registered via this website takes part in a Primary Bid offering we earn a few quid and so for that reason I urge you ALL to sign up HERE as, now and again, Primary Bid has some good offers. Today’s offering to raise up to £1 million at 0.3p from Infrastrata (INFA) is not such an offer.


514 days ago

Today's Primary Bid offer is Duke Royalty - it looks interesting!

ShareProphets earns a small commission any time a reader who registered with Primary Bid via ourselves subscribes for one of its offers. For that reason we urge you all to sign up HERE. Normally, we  spite ourselves and slate Primary Bid offers but today’s offer, Duke Royalty (DUKE) is actually a business of substance with institutional support, profits, cash generated and which upped its most recent dividend by 33%.  It looks interesting.


571 days ago

Today's Primary Bid Offering is ADM Energy - avoid like the plague

ShareProphets earns a small commission any time a reader who registered with Primary Bid via ourselves subscribes for one of its offers. For that reason we urge you all to sign up HERE. But today’s offer, ADM Energy (ADME) is a total dog so. though it hurts us in the pocket book to say so, we urge you to pass. The emails sent out by ADVFN and others urging folks to pony up fail to mention one significant fact…


616 days ago

Today's Primary Bid offer is Sareum - No thanks it's a dog

ShareProphets earns a small commission any time a reader who registered with Primary Bid via ourselves subscribes for one of its offers. For that reason we urge you all to sign up HERE. But today’s offer, Sareum, (SAR) is a total dog, as I have noted often enough on this website, so since we have integrity, we advise you to make us no money and avoid this hound like the plague.


714 days ago

Latest Primary Bid offer : Highlands Natural Resources becomes a pot play...whatever

Pot is clearly the new blockchain. Whatever. I do not pretend to understand this insanity. I am just too old.  Anyhow the latest Primary Bid offer is from Highland Natural Resources (HNR) and if you want to play you can do so here.


749 days ago

Today's Primary Bid Offer - Scientific Digital Imaging

I know nothing whatsoever about Scientific Digital Imaging (SDI)  but apparently it designs and manufactures scientific products for use in applications including life sciences, healthcare, astronomy, consumer manufacturing and art conservation markets. But it is on the acquisition trail and so there is a Primary Bid offering.


773 days ago

This weekend's Primary Bid offer is Ascent Resources at 0.3p - you know I am almost tempted

Ok Ascent (AST) has been screwed b y the Slovenia government but it may yet extract value there and it is now ,looking at other "identified" opportunities. backed by Henderson it will survive and I do not blame the management for what happened but the Slovenes so I sort of rate Colin Hutchinson and his team. After all, an Ulster man can do no wrong in my eyes. So this is just a sub penny share punt and I am almost temptedto take up the offer via Primary Bid as a small flutter. Here's why...


826 days ago

FinnCrap - the numbers, why the IPO valuation is a total rum ‘n’ coke – AVOID

If you wish to ignore my advice go ahead and pony up 28p a share (a £48 million market cap) in the IPO of smug Sam Smith’s FinnCap via Primary Bid HERE. But I would not. Here are the hard numbers which show what a joke this IPO is...


826 days ago

Primary Bid does its first IPO - It's Finncrap: I'd rather eat my own toes

For all the reasons explained in yesterday's bearcastI'd rather eat my own toes than invest in the FinnCap IPO. But if you take a different view you can subscribe for shares at 28p, in a minimum size of £100, via Primary Bid HERE.


890 days ago

Versarien – I told y’all

Versarien (VRS) is the reason why everyone should sign up with Primary Bid right now. Most Primary Bid offers are ones that I have no hesitation in telling you to avoid like the plague, being trapped in a lift with Emmanuel Macron or both. But just occasionally one comes along that is really worth punting on. I told you on Friday that Versarien was almost certainly in that category HERE. Today I am vindicated.


892 days ago

Today's Primary Bid offer is Versarien at 145p - you know I am almost tempted (in a shabby way)

At 175p Versarien (VRS) is valued at £263 million. I cannot argue with two writers on this site (Lucian and Cynical) that the valuation looks absurd based on historic profits and cashburn or even on some of the more optimistic forecasts. But it has now announced it is raising £2.9 million (or more) at 145p via Primary Bid and I am almost tempted to have a flutter. Here's why...


1008 days ago

Mereo - the worst Primary Bid offer ever flops disastrously - it says it was a success. Whatever.

On Saturday Cynical Bear asked if the Mereo Pharma (MPH) offer at 300p via Primary Bid was its worst ever? The answer, notwithstanding stiff competition from uber dogs such as Toople (ROOP) was clearly YES!. And the placing has flopped. Living in la la land Mereo says it was "successful". Like fuck it was. You lie Mereo!


1010 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - the difference between private company and PLC account preparing - profit is a matter of opinion!

I start by noting I have received a begging email from Primary Bid re the Merio offer. Cynical Bear is right - avoid like the plague! Then as I finalise annual accounts for companies house for FIML and ShareProphets (loss in both cases) I explain the different motives of those preparing private company and listed company accounts and some tricks I could have used to show profits. But why would I have done that? Finally...98% of bearcast listeners  have NOT yet sponsored myself and Brokerman Dan for our 30 mile Woodlarks walk. If you enjoy bearcast I am sure you can spare a tenner so donate HERE  - to those who have donated I say thank you.


1036 days ago

UK Investor Show 2018 Video - Dave Mutton of Primary Bid

As you know I reckon EVERYONE should register with Primary Bid. It costs nothing and one day you will see it do a placing you are gagging to do and which will be snapped up before you know it by folks who are registered and get alerts. So SIGN UP NOW HERE!. Dave Mutton explains more at the UK Investor Show here.


1099 days ago

Solo Oil Primary Bid offer at 3.5p deadline 9 PM tonight!

Solo Oil  (SOLO)  is a natural resources investment company with a diverse portfolio of onshore assets, principally in Europe and Africa. It is involved in the Horse Hill play about which we are somewhat sceptical and thus we make no recommendation as it has announced a £2 million offer at 3.5p via PrimaryBid. Half ther cash will go on buying another 5% of Horse Hill from another company in the closely related nest of companies once associated with Big Dave Lenigas, Primorious.


1117 days ago

This week's Primary Bid offer is Frontera Resources - Woof Woof I'm out

Frontera Resources (FRR) is a dog with fleas but it is aggressively ramped and promoted. And it has just announced a £2.5 million fully underwritten open offer at 0.466p via Primary Bid.  This represents a discount of approximately 17.5% to the closing mid price today.


1122 days ago

Obtala – potential acquisition and PrimaryBid offer - TAKE IT UP!

Obtala (OBT) has announced an offer of shares at 12.5p via - which closes at 5PM on Sunday or when the book is filled. Hurry - TAKE THIS UP HERE  This follows an earlier Acquisition, Expansion Capital and Fundraising announcement…


1123 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Neil Woodford is this weekend staring into the abyss

Capita was last week's main disaster for Neil Woodford although there were others. He has tried to polish the turd HERE but has failed. His next disaster is Prothena which could slump Monday and as I explain in this podcast it is massive for Nomates. I then explain how the whole Woodford empire could well collapse. Make no mistake, this weekend, Britain's most conceited fund manager is staring into the abyss. I also comment on Obtala - take up the Primary Bid offer HERE - and on my wife's failings as a navigator as I march through muddy puddles.


1123 days ago

UPDATED: This week's Primary Bid Offer is Obtala - take it up! BIG TIME

UPDATED: We own these shares and I am a fan of boss Miles Pelham to whom I have just spoken. With this cash and the placing announced earlier this week Obtala will report positive and meaningful EPS this year. Its shares trade at a massive discount to NAV. TAKE UP THIS OFFER. Obtala (OBT) has announced a Fundraise  via  Primary Bid at a subscription price of 12.5p per Ordinary Share.  This represents a discount of approximately 9% to the closing mid price on Thursday 01 February, 2018.


1200 days ago

This weekend's Primary Bid offer is GCM Resources at 34.4p

I know sweet FA about GCM Resources (GCM) so you are on your own on this one. It has just announced an Underwritten Fundraise, to raise up to £2 million at a subscription price of 34.4p per Ordinary Share - via Primary Bid. This represents a discount of 20% to the closing mid price on Friday, 17 November, 2017. You can sign up and take part, if you wish, HERE


1219 days ago

Ascent Placing - the deal that shows Primary Bid has come of age

If you are not a Primary Bid member you should join now HERE. Friday's deal by Ascent Resources (AST) shows why. The £1 million placing was announced at just after hours on Friday at 1.66p. Now look what happened...


1222 days ago

This weekend's Primary Bid offer - its Ascent Resources (again): Deadline Sunday

I seem to remember that this is the second time Ascent (AST) has used Primary Bid for a fund raise. The first time worked out well enough.. Anyhow it is back at the trough again raising £1 million in a fully underwritten offer at 1.66p.


1245 days ago

Frontera Resources £3m offer at 0.58p via Primary Bid , deadline 9pm today - AVOID

We earn money if you take up a Primary Bid offer and registered with it via us. Notwithstanding that, Frontera Resources (FRR) as A grade crap so do not take up this offer. 


1248 days ago

Premier African Minerals £3.5m Underwritten Offer from Primary Bid - Deadline 5PM today

What I know about Premier African Minerals Limited (PREM) you could write on the back of a postage stamp. And still have whte space. But if you are a fan it is the latest Primary Bid offer. But hurry the deadline to get shares at 0.3p is 5PM Today Sunday HERE. We are told that: 


1307 days ago

Highland Natural Resources: Company Meet & This is why you should all be with PrimaryBid

Highland Natural Resources (HNR) did an offer with PrimaryBid less than a month ago at 12p. I suggested having a flutter and with the shares at 21.25p offer I feel 100% vindicated - I met up with Dr Robert Price earlier this week here in Bristol.


1335 days ago

Today's Primary Bid Opportunity is Highland Natural Resources - deadline 9 PM TONIGHT, I'm tempted

No need to wait for the weekend. This PrimaryBid offering kicked off at 4.30 PM today and will close at 9.00 PM tonight or when £2 million is raised - the placing is in Highland Natural Resources (HNR). On the one hand we have been uber critical of Highland on the other this financing package with a massive private equity injection looks transformational. Worse still boss Robert Price has just called me and now I find it hard to be hostile to the man as he was quite charming. I am almost tempted to go for a small flutter as I shall explain below, but make no formal recommendation - here are the bare bones:


1354 days ago

This weekend's Primary Bid offer is Myanmar Investments

This is becoming  routine. After hours on on Friday PrimaryBid announces a material placing opportunity for its members. This weekend it is Myanmar Investments (MIL) where directors are putting in at least $725,000 ( a good sign) as it seeks to raise $3 to $5 million at $1.18 - a 9.2% discount to its closing price on Friday.


1367 days ago

Toople - market intelligence

I suggested yesterday that Toople (TOOP) might not raise the minimum £1.15 million it needs as part of its £2 million Primary Bid placing. Knock me down with a feather.


1427 days ago

Today's Primary Bid Opportunity is the one and only LGO Energy! No Comment!

This is becoming  routine. After hours on on Friday PrimaryBid announces a material placing opportunity for its members. This weekend it is LGO Energy (LGO) which has raised £2.2 million in a placing at 2.2p but is now offering a chance for ordinary investors to put up another £300,000 at the same price.


1459 days ago

Versarien - another Primary Bid after hours Friday opportunity - sign up now, Sunday 5 PM deadline

This is becoming a regular Friday feature - an after hours offer from Primary Bid for increasingly credible placings. The last one was Ascent at 1.85p - its shares, 3 weeks later, are 2.375p which is great news for our readers who took part. Next up is Versarien (VRS) which is raising £1 million at 15p.


1479 days ago

Ascent Resources £3m fund raise shows PrimaryBid has come of age - why aren't you signed up?

You know that I am a massive supporter of Primary Bid as it gives ordinary punters the chance to take part on placings hitherto reserved either for fund managers or for bucket shops. The platform has now really come of age with news of a £3 million fund raise for Ascent Resources (AST), a stock I quite like. If you are not signed up you are MAD so do so here.


1551 days ago

Mobile Streams placing at 50% discount - sign up with PrimaryBid now

The Primary Bid bandwagon is gathering speed and anyone interested in AIM should register now HERE. Today's vindication of Dave Mutton and his team is from Mobile Streams (MOS) which is doing a placing and open offer at 4p - the shares w4ere 8p last night. In days gone by this would have been for bucket shops only but now you can take part too, thanks to Primary Bid.


1558 days ago

Game Changer for AIM: Sound Energy - £24.1 million fund raise - you can take part via Primary Bid

I will not be. As far as I can see the current market cap of £450 million is borderline insane and certainly not justified by the fundamentals. So I don't blame Sound Energy (SOU)  at all for raising cash at this level. If folks want to pay up, the company would be crackers not to let them. But some will disagree.


1757 days ago

Video: Dave Mutton of Primary Bid at UK Investor Show

I'm a big supporter of Primary Bid and as such fully back Dave Mutton, the CEO who was among those presenting at UK Investor Show. Enjoy the video!


2142 days ago

Kea to raise £3 million via Primary Bid – the Revolution against crony City capitalists starts NOW

In olden days Kea Petroleum (KEA) would have raised money at big discounts through bucket shops who would have taken a big commission as would have greedy brokers. But the revolution has started as it becomes the first company to use Primary Bid so cutting out the crony capitalists, saving it money and not stiffing PIs with a pump and dump operation. Well done Kea.


2208 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - No Valentine's day Love for the bad folks

This podcast mentions stocks enpasant though natch there is a swipe or two at Fitbug and Quenron. A bit of bad language fear but I try to be calm as I cover two very important matters.

1. The launch of PrimaryBid - I explain how this can level the AIM casino playing field and why  YOU MUST ALL SIGN UP HERE & NOW!

2.  UK Investor on April 18 in Westminster - book your seats HERE NOW