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Prince Phillip

1275 days ago

Kate Flood, University of Sussex you really are a very silly and ignorant waste of taxpayer cash

Kate Flood is an anthropologist at the University of Sussex and, as you can see below, on twitter, she looks forward to the death of Prince Philip. She is entitled to her view, unpleasant though it is to wish death on anyone. But when she calls him a Nazi she shows herself as an ignorant and sily young woman and a waste of taxpayer cash.


2870 days ago

Weekly Prize Caption Contest: Peace & Love on its way to the EU’s fave murderous Islamofascist regime edition

It did not gain much coverage in the UK press but last week the Israeli Navy intercepted a boat called the Klos C which was on its way from Iran, carrying a very special cargo, ultimately destined for the Hamas regime in Gaza.

This is the regime which receives vast amounts of funding from the EU every year. It is a regime which, according to the EU and other apologists for any crime committed against Israel is peace living and only acts in defence. So what was the Klos C carrying?

It was carrying missiles with the ability to hit any spot within the State of Israel and to kill Jews. For that is what Hamas is committed to. Of course when the Israeli Defence Forces intercepts ships with cargos ultimately bound for Gaza to stop deathly weapons getting through this is viewed as an act of aggression by its apologists in the West.

And so I ask you for suitable captions for this picture, the winner getting a discount voucher to Maribelle's

For what it is worth my entry is: “Fresh from creating harmony to the Ukraine, EU foreign minister Baroness Ashton issues a message of thanks to the people of Iran for their assistance in creating a one-state final solution to the problems in Palestine.”

Last week I asked you for captions to this picture of a man born with a silver spoon in his mouth who has never done a useful day’s work in his life and also of Prince Phillip.

The impartial judge (my cat Tara) reckons that the best entry came from me, viz:

 "Okay that is Fergie taken care of now where should we put Boris Johnson?"

I hope that you can do better than me this week – post your entries in the comments section below.


3119 days ago

As I look out on Prince Phillip’s birthplace I ponder Mark Mcelney why are you such a Dickhead

I have seven hours to kill before catching the bus from Corfu to Athens. Having bought my ticket I have wandered into the Old Town of Corfu to my favourite restaurant on this island. Head past the main square where they play cricket (there seems to be no game today) and behind the main poart of the old town and wander outside the City wall and you are here.

The restaurant is on a spit looking out to see straight ahead and to my right is the old palace where Prince Phillip was born.  It is a little bit more expensive than the main tourist gaffes in the centre of town but the food is wonderful and it is relatively quiet. Occassionally a large ferry passes by and the wash ripples ashore creating a bit of disturbance but that is about it.

As I sip my first frappe of the break I open up my email in box to receive this cracker from a prize dickhead called Mark Mcelney.

One thing I would like to ask is why have you been publishing such lies on cupid and others and how much are the hedge funds paying for this?

Hmmm, Mark care to list the lies? I think you will find everything I have written on Cupid and others is factually correct. As to payment from hedge funds? Would you care to show us your evidence for this claim of yours? Hmmmm you have none. Because it is pure hogwash. You are a paranoid delusional dickhead.

And with that it is time to order my first lunch in Greece of this break.


3442 days ago

Twitter Killing off Margaret Thatcher and ( almost Prince Phillip)

I am a bit new to this twitter game and so was horrified when I returned home from supper last night to find Margaret Thatcher RIP trending on twitter. The first tweet appeared to come from Sky and so seemed credible and so Maggie was dead. This followed on from a worrying morning on Monday when certain tweeters were convinced that Phil the Greek was gravely ill and that an announcement from the Palace was imminent.

I now gather that this is part of the “fun” of twitter. Folks are “killed off” and the rumours spread and might even trend until it is then found out that the person in question is not in fact dead after all.

In the 20 minutes or so before I discovered that Maggie was, in fact, still alive I had knocked out a eulogy which was, I thought, pretty good. At least that is now on file for when the sad day does come. I shall be in the camp who regard Thatcher as the greatest PM of the twentieth century


3462 days ago

A Few Questions from the Beach

This sunbathing lark really is puzzling me. I just cannot lie there thinking about nothing. I guess I never will get to be an airhead. Drat. But you cannot always think about work, life, family, West Ham (not in that order). Questions occasionally crop up. This is not a competition as any fool can check out the answers on google to win (Lucian Miers being the sort of fool who would). But can anyone answer any of the following?

1. What is the difference between a sea and a large lake? Please answer including a reference to the Sea of Galilee and Dead Sea which are much smaller than Lake Michigan.


3515 days ago

Jubilee Weekend – Part of our Denial

I am not an ardent monarchist. For a start I was brought up to support Ireland at everything. And at an intellectual level if we did not have a Monarch I cannot think we would create one. Except, of course that the alternative is an elected head of state – Queen Cherie Blair, King Trust Me Tony – I would not be a fan. But neither am I an ardent Republican. The Queen is devoted servant of her people, Prince Philip is a hoot and although he has a stack of daft ideas I cannot help but view Prince Charles as likeable. All seem good folk and I wish the whole family a great celebration. But can I really get enthused myself? No.