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ReThink Group

2638 days ago

ReThink – Dead Money for Investors: Cash Cow for Management

When a company bucks an industry trend in a commodity market upwards it is probably lying. If it bucks it downwards it is probably a crap company, dead money for investors and that brings me to ReThink Group (RTG).

The recruitment industry is having a great time. Look at numbers from quality players such as Interquest (ITQ) and that is plain to see. ReThink is not a quality player.



2840 days ago

ReThink – Shock Revelations: The Scandal of Boardroom Options exposed in full

On 17th December recruitment group ReThink (RTG) showed itself as a true posterboy for the AIM Cesspit by issuing a shed load of options which almost cannot but fail to hand free money to the board but the scandal is much worse as I can reveal today.


2860 days ago

ReThink – Inexcusable Greed from Directors talking bollocks

The directors of AIM Cesspit listed recruitment group ReThink (RTG) have today shown themselves up as crony capitalists who do not give a flying wotsit about shareholders and are in it for themselves - they are greedy tossers. That should tell you all you need to know – do not own this stock.

The share price of this company is 5.875p – well down on the IPO. The board has today cancelled 11,484,364 options priced at between 6.75p and 11p which lapse between February 2015 and April 2018. And instead it had granted new options priced at just 6.12p lapsing between November 2016 and June 2021.

In other words, under the new scheme, if the company can deliver share price growth of just 1.3% per annum then every single one of these new options is free money for the board at the expense of shareholder dilution.


3315 days ago

Rethink Profits warning - buy

AIM listed recruitment group Rethink (RTG) has not covered me in glory to date. I tipped the shares at 9.125p in May 2011 and today, after a profits warning, they stand at 7p valuing the company at £6.7 million. Okay there have been a few dividends along the way but this is a valid chance for my cross-dressing critics to have a pop at me. But I have just had a quick drink with CEO Jon Butterfield (Floreat Floreat Schola Warwicensis) and I believe that the market has over-reacted and the shares are dirt cheap – this could be an excellent recovery play among the penny shares.


3328 days ago

ReThink Group CEO Chat -Looks a Buy at 8p

A good chat last night with Jon Butterfield, like me educated ( I use the word loosely in his case) at Warwick School, and now the CEO of AIM listed recruitment group ReThink (RTG) – a pretty solid penny share buy. The company reports its interims in mid September so there are certain things Jon could not say but what is in the public domain is pretty clear. The case is solid. But like all smaller AIM companies there is no firework scenario right now to drive a dramatic short term gain