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Red tape

2105 days ago

Blue Passport Brexit fake news from the Guardian

As of 2019 new British passports will be coloured blue as in the good old days, not EU red. This will not cost £500 million as some remoaners like James Caan claimed. It will not cost a cent. But still the fake news continues with the loathsome Guardian leading the way. Its headline today is "Blue Passports to mean red tape say EU officials" Natch this is just sheer fiction.


2744 days ago

Eurosceptics are stupider than those against Brexit - BBC does not challenge ludicrous claim

If you want to leave the EU it is just because you are not as clever as those folks who want to stay in. It is easy. There was I thinking that I could be descriobed as at least averagely smart with my Oxford Degree as could Pixie Lott with her straight A's at GCSE. But it appars not. We are thick because we back Brexit and the BBC sees no reason to challenge this extraordinary assertion.


3907 days ago

What anti business planet is naive Jo Swinson MP (Lib Dem) on? Why does Call Me Dave agree with her?

Jo Swinson is a Lib Dem Business Minister who is also an equalities minister. Unlike most politicians she has actually worked in the private sector – as a PR person for a local radio station before becoming an MP at the age of 25. Based on that vast experience of the needs of business she has come up with a cunning wheeze to make life ever more miserable for employers with yet more red tape. Just what the company doctor ordered. And it seems that this is coalition policy. Were the leader of the Conservative Party someone whose Dad ran a corner store and whose husband ran a series of companies rather than a pampered suit who did a brief stint in PR before becoming a professional politician, Swinson would be told where to stick her daft plans but that was before Call Me Dave made his party a “nice” party.

If Swinson gets her way, from next year all employees (not just those with kids) will be able to request the right to work flexible hours and cannot be denied unless the employer can show a clear business need. The silly woman


4035 days ago

The Great Red Tape Lie and Polly Toynbee

I have a bit of a sense of déjà vu as I read that new Tory Minister Michael Fallon is wants to scrap 3,000 bits of red tape to “help businesses grow”. I am sure that the man means well but does he really believe it? The problem is that I have heard it so many times before.

Michael Heseltine famously promised a bonfire to red tape to “help businesses grow.” No business minister actually promises more red tape. But