Richard Jennings

16 hours ago

Umuthi – Oh Dear, Jennings strikes in Court & it looks grim for Memery Crystal et al

The winding up order petition against Umuthi Healthcare was submitted by Richard “nobody likes me and I don’t care” Jennings of Align Research on 18 January. Umuthi which still insists that it is set to list imminently on the Standard List in a £100 million, no sniggering at the back, transaction masterminded by bastard lawyers Memery Crystal, said it would fight. Er…


8 days ago

The IPO of Umuthi – 5 days to winding up order Court Hearing

The date has now been set. On 18th January a Judge will, almost certainly grant, Richard Jennings and Align Research, a winding up order against Umuthi PLC. Jennings has made 17 agreements with the company to defer payment of a low 5 figure bill and every one has been breached. But still Umuthi is trying to list on the Standard List


94 days ago

Take Pity and bail out the dogs supported by Richard Jennings of Align

No!  The dogs to whom I refer are not Ascent Resources (AST) and other pond life companies residing at the bottom end of the AIM sewer who are blessed with enthusiastic Align Research reports penned by the halfwitted enabler of fraud and smearer of journalists Dr Michael Green. But to a far more worthy cause as you can see below.


162 days ago

Richard Jennings of Align defends his bonkers valuation of BlueBird Merchant Ventures

I have shares in Bluebird (BMV) and think that at 4.25p they are cheap. They should, IMHO, be trading at 6p and might get into double figures if it can resolve issues with its Aussie, soon to be ex, partners in Korea. But a 34.79p target price, a 69p DCF valuation, is insane as I explained in detail in bearcast yesterday HERE. But that is the target price of Align Research, which owns almost 4% of the shares, and its boss Richard Jennings wants to defend that viewpoint and being a fair man I allow him to do so.


278 days ago

Anglo African Oil & Gas: the curse of toxic Dave & Sarah (can’t) Cope – calamity strikes

It was just three months ago that we warned repeatedly that Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG) should not proceed with the offer from AIM uber dog Zenith Energy (ZEN) and instead refinancing proposed by Richard Jennings. Inept Chairperson Sarah (Can’t) Cope ignored our advice which would have seen past dealings by her pal toxic David Sefton opened up to public scrutiny and bullied through the deal.  Today her folly has been revealed in full and this company is surely toast.


339 days ago

BREAKING: Muddy Waters "NMC is reminiscent of Enron"

I see that my pal Richard Jennings of Align is tweeting like a Bulletin Board Moron, welcoming a falling share price in NMC Health (NMC) as an opportinity to buy more shares. Whatever. I think on this one I  remain firmly with Carson Block of Muddy Waters and view this as an accident that is already happening but will get far worse. Today Carson has compared NMC to Enron.


381 days ago

Cc’d in on the most bonkers email thread in history – Anglo African Oil & Gas is grotesquely mismanaged

For some reason I found myself cc’d in on an email thread last night between Sarah Cope the utterly useless chairperson of Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG), Richard Jennings, the company’s advisors and some investors. It was bonkers but it is clear that Ms Cope is doing all she can to steamroller through the crap deal with Zenith Energy (ZEN) without giving shareholders the chance to consider what looks a far better deal from team Jennings. For that and for many other reasons Cope should be fired and cast into the corporate wilderness. The thread starts with Jennings responding to an RNS issued late in the day by Anglo:


385 days ago

Richard Jennings writes to the second worst chairperson in London – Sarah Cope

I explained quite clearly the other day why Sarah Cope of Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG) might tick the corporate diversity box but that should be no saving grace as she is utterly useless and if she had a shred of decency would quit at once. Clearly, she does not. Richard Jennings of Align Research has written to her today in a letter that exposes more of her manifest failings. Its P45 time. The Align Research boss writes:


436 days ago

Global Resources Investment Trust - Jennings kicks the shit out of GRIT

Global Resources Investment Trust (GRIT) has finally acknowledged the Richard Jennings sack the board request for an EGM. But it is playing for time, banking unjustified salaries, and fails to grasp why the Align boss has such a strong case. Jennings has now issued a statement which we endorse completely, He writes:


462 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: I'm going to Oxford today and Neil Woodford I'm coming to see you

Yes Neil, I will be the guy turning up at some point today in a blue van at your luxury HQ to take some photos and maybe shoot a short video. My pal Nigel Somerville may be coming too. It will be good to catch up. See you later! In the podcast today I also look at Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT), backing Richard Jennings at Global Resources Investment Trust (GRIT) and at Optibiotix (OPTI). I also receive complaints about my coverage of Neil yesterday. I despair.