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Sir Alex Ferguson

3338 days ago

Friday Caption Contest on Sunday – US Oil & Gas Edition

What a week. I feel that I have given David Cameron both barrels in the Tomograph and so what else to feature in this week’s caption contest? The retirement of that miserable old toad Sir Alex Fergie? Nope I have sworn to leave that alone since the mainstream media is obsessed by it? The looming bankruptcy of Spain? Prince Harry in the US? Nope it has to be the tragedy come comedy that is US Oil & Gas (USOP).

The prize for this week’s caption contest? Rather like the prize for owning USOP shares there is none.  But feel free to post whatever caption you feel appropriate in the comments section below for this little picture.



For what it is worth my entry is


3340 days ago

Reaction to the Retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson

The TV and newspapers have glossed over trivialities such as the Queen’s Speech, the escalating war in Syria, the ongoing collapse of the Eurozone and whichever TV star of the 70s has been knicked for alleged kiddy fiddling this week to focus on one story alone: The Retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson as manager of Manchester United.  My full and detailed thoughts:

a) Fergie is a loathsome and ungracious individual
b) Read Michael Crick’s book on various issues
c) I loathe everything that Manchester United PLC stands for these days.
d) Fergie is a champagne socialist and so beneath contempt
e) Hell’s teeth , this is  a man who manages 30 Prima Donnas who kick a ball around a park for 90 minutes ( or 98 minutes if United are at home and need time to equalise) once a week. Who really gives a damn?

And that is it. Who cares?