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38 days ago

Wildcat Petroleum – is this THE most bonkers ramp in London?

Wildcat (WCAT) was established as a private company on 8 January 2020 with £50,400 of share capital. Those shares are now valued on the Standard List of the London Stock Exchange at just over £30 million. The whole blockchain related affair stinks because the real tangible value of this enterprise is 99% less than that! Let me explain.


66 days ago

SHOCKER: The corrupt press (Sky News) City uber spivs, investment genius David Beckham and the pot heads & a filthy IPO

On Thursday 4th February at 7 AM a CBD company Cellular Goods announced its plans to raise £8 million on a £20 million valuation and join the (sub) Standard List, home to so many frauds and dogs. The night before, Sky News came up with the “scoop” that this news could be revealed as soon as the following morning and that David Beckham had invested and would soon sign a deal to promote the CBD skin product. Oooooooh a nice photo of Becks and blow off comment with no questions asked, this is the corrupt MSM and a PR drop all over again as I noted with the other listed company where Becks has “invested”, Guild Esports (GILD) the other day HERE.


78 days ago

EXPOSE: Pineapple Power – the insolvent IPO from Christmas Eve & the shocking ramp since

All this needs now is for Harriet Dennys of the Mail on Sunday to claim that this company has a £6 million war chest (It does not) and Pineappple Power (PNPL) will show everything that is wrong about UK smaller companies markets, especially the FCA regulated, no sniggering at the back, Standard List.  Let’s start at the beginning.


83 days ago

Umuthi – Oh Dear, Jennings strikes in Court & it looks grim for Memery Crystal et al

The winding up order petition against Umuthi Healthcare was submitted by Richard “nobody likes me and I don’t care” Jennings of Align Research on 18 January. Umuthi which still insists that it is set to list imminently on the Standard List in a £100 million, no sniggering at the back, transaction masterminded by bastard lawyers Memery Crystal, said it would fight. Er…


84 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: I come clean on the Panettone "gift" time for Tory Toff Lord Willetts to come clean too.

Obviously the big news today is on lavender. But I move swifty on to discuss the failings of the Standard List as exposed by [email protected] Capital (SYME) in today’s shocker. Then I look at Xtract (XTR) where I confuse Panettone with Panna Cotta but flag up what is going on. Then it is Iofina (IOF), Online Blockchain (OBC) and finally Verditek (VDTK) where Tory Toff Lord Willetts needs to follow my lead and come clean ASAP.


84 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Letter to the FCA - suspend [email protected] Capital shares NOW

[email protected] Capital (SYME) shares are listed on the Standard List which means that no Nomad has to sign off on its ludicrous RNS statements. The regulator is the FCA which only acts in a reactive way, i.e. after a company has sinned. Actually, the FCA’s overpaid staff are too busy publishing papers on global warming, the gender pay gap or just shitting on the floor to do any regulation at all. The FCA is institutionally useless. However, in the hope that Supply’s sins are so egregious that it might just act, I have emailed Mark Steward – the Enforcement Director of the FCA – asking him to get his minions to have a butcher’s and actually do something. The letter is below.


119 days ago

BREAKING: Winding up Order issued for Umuthi Healthcare – will FCA notice before it floats on Standard List?

Back on 26 August Umuthi Healthcare announced via RNS that it was to float on the (sub) Standard List of the Main Market, that is the one where those fine chaps and chapesses at the FCA are in charge of admissions. All was set for the UKLA to set a listing day in early September, we were told. But then came a delay.


202 days ago

Tom Winnifrith bearcast: Check out these glassdoor reviews for Avant Garde!!!

I have today been quite busy on family matters, see HERE, which I find fascinating. I appreciate others may not! In the podcast I look at the general market meldown in the face of the Government going economy wrecking bonkers over Covid. I look at [email protected] Capital (SYME) and Avant Garde,  Verditek (VDTK) and its idiot investors, Big Dish (DISH), Trainline (TRN), Bidstack (BIDS) FinnCap (FCAP) and a cracking trading statement but questionable morals and Iconic (ICON) and the perils of the sub Standard List.


209 days ago

Papillion, Mayflower, Goldplat, a witch from Equities First - this is truly insane!

On September 3, Papillion Holdings (PPHP), one of the (sub) Standard List dogs run by colourful value destroyers Charles Tatnall and James Longley, announced yet another RTO deal. Shares in the company, which is clearly insolvent, have been suspended for an eternity pending one RTO or another but will this move into gold mining go through? The whole thing is bonkers.


381 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: is Big Sofa fecked and why - after 4 years of losses - Virgin really should be

Two house keeping matters. First please send Darren pictures of the view from your window & your work space during the lockdown to provide a daily distraction. Darren has kicked off the series with a snowy scene from his Canadian bolt-hole HERE.  Second please do offer nominations for the rogue AIM & Standard List directors. If you are afraid of libel just nominate a name & company and Nigel and I will do the rest in a song & dance presentation on May 8. Details and nominations are HERE. In today’s Bearcast I look at the demise or otherwise of Carluccio’s, Virgin Airlines and Big Sofa (BST) and perhaps of the AIM casino itself. 


382 days ago

The Top 20 Rogue Directors on the AIM Casino & Standard List – Nominate now!

I shall start the ball rolling with one nomination but feel you may be able to assist in compliing this list & the best nomination wins the usual prize to be sent one day. I seek men and women who are not only incompetent but also palpably dishonest, demonstrably using shareholders cash for theor own purposes or telling blatant lies to investors. A true Rogue director should be a serial offender & must still be a director or CFO of an AIM or Standard Listed company. So please nominate now with a name and the reasons why in the comments section below. I kick the process off by nominating…


476 days ago

Dev Clever: from 1p to 14.5p and now a placing at 1p all within a year – true pump & dump shame

Dev Clever (DEV) joined the Standard List at 1p on January 21 2019. Boy: it has been a rollercoaster year of pumping and dumping.


619 days ago

Stranger Holdings – not strange but fecking nutso, this company is insolvent

Stranger Holdings ( STHP) is one of the stable of worthless and pointless companies on the Standard List run by Charles Tatnall & James Longley which this website has done so much to expose.  Results out today for the year to March 31 2019 are sheer comedy: related party deals, accounting errors, an abandoned RTO and one that surely will be, a pretence that the company is not insolvent which, of course it is, even a cynical bear would be shocked by this nonsense.


626 days ago

Dev Clever worth £200m - you is ‘avin’ a Turkish, have a butchers at truly dire interims

Dev Clever (DEV) listed on the Standard List in December at 1p with some true rogues subscribing for placing shares. One of them blogged a thesis that the shares were worth 50p (a £200 million market cap) and that sort of ramping saw the shares reach 13p. Today they are sharply down at 3p to sell after the release of dire interims.


680 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: the latest Novum/Aberdeenman POS ramp deconstructed & asking the fuzz to investigate two old friends

In today’s bearast I take a detailed look at Sub Standard list Bermele (BERM) which is over-ramped, dripping in red flags and been pushed by shamed Bulletin Board Moron Aberdeenman. I also explain why I shall, tomorrow, be asking the Met to investigate whether Julie “lingerie on expenses” Meyer and her lawyer Peter McGrath might  as a result of this  be perverting the course of jiustice as I have news on the FCA’s criminal investigation into Meyer which seems to be ratcheting up. I am not accusing either of this serious crime merely asking the Met to see if something awry is taking place.


701 days ago

The Curse of Daniel Stewart strikes again – management fallout at Atlantic Carbon

Thanks largely to the work on this website, the ludicrous proposal to reverse drowning in debt POS Atlantic Carbon into worthless Daniel Stewart Securities ahead of a Standard List came a cropper in early April as noted HERE. But the curse of doing business with Daniel Stewart and its toxic boss Peter Shea is now becoming clear for all to see.


713 days ago

Do the Fandango – Charles Tatnall reveals the money go round

Cynical Bear has been in touch to flag up more strange money go round happenings in the Standard List mini empire of worthless shell companies controlled by Charles Tatnall. For Fandango Holdings (FHP) has just released its results for calendar 2018.  It loks grim but also odd.


781 days ago

Cyril d'Silva of Golden Saint Resources infamy plans UK stockmarket comeback with MKI

Having helped investors in the UK lose 99.9% of their cash with Golden Saint Resources (GSR) as he trousered vast sums in fees and commissions, Aussie promoter Cyril d'Silva is back for a second go. And why not? It worked well for Cyril last time and it appears that (by definition, morally bankrupt) advisors are already lined up to allow him to float a BVI registered cash shell, Millenium Kapital Investments Pty Ltd on the Standard List.


793 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: A lesson in red flag spotting at Atlantic Carbon - the stench of Daniel Stewart, Adam Wilson and Peter Shea

I follow up on today's shocking revelations about the stockmarket comeback planned by disgraced Peter Shea and Daniel Stewart Securities with a detailed look at Adam Wilson's Atlantic Carbon, formerly Atlantic Coal, its shocking historic accounts, why they should ensure alarm bells ring and why this whole deal and its proposed Standard Listing stink to high heaven


793 days ago

BREAKING: From Death to a Standard Listing, Daniel Stewart the comeback...

More than a week after we exposed the coming death of Daniel Stewart & Company the weekend press has finally woken up and is reporting how it went into administration on Thursday. But something bigger happened on Thursday. Daniel Stewart, c/o former boss Adam Wilson is coming back to the market via a standard listing. Let me explain with the documents below.


822 days ago

AIQ – a one year anniversary of shame

It has now been exactly a year and two days since VSA completed its “due diligence” on AIQ (AIQ) and brought this cash shell to the Standard List. And what a year of shame it has been.


1117 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Will Jim Mellon's PR man say sorry for chewing my ear off over the Condor spoof - vindicated today

On 6th December I said that a token share purchase by Jim Mellon of shares on Condor Gold (CNR) was a spoof as it was so small for Jim. Moreover Condor was running out of cash and would do a placing within months. Mellon's PR man chewed my ear off. Well hey ho today there was a placing.  A pattern of such spoofs and a subsequent placing has continued. Will I get an apology?  I also look at lessons from Flybe (FLYB) and the non bid, at Fevertree (FEVR) director share sales, at UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) which is also spoofing, 13 Energy (13E) - "you say it best when you say nothing at all " - R Keating.  Then I look at uber dog Golden Saint Resources (GSR) which is leaving AIM and says it wants to go to the Standard List. Lucky Standard List. I also mention our share purchase of more Optibiotix (OPTI). If you like bearcasts then remember that at UK Investor on April 21 one of many highlights will be a live bearcast with myself and Paul Scott. Make sure you book a free ticket HERE using the promotional code WINNIFRITH


1142 days ago

Hemogenyx shares soar 117% after two tweets - is this the new RNS? Surely this is a bit naughty

Is @HemoGenyx the corporate account of HemoGenyx (HEMO)? Sadly PR poltroon Paul "Queenie" McManus of Walbrook and pouting brokerette Lucy Williams of Peterhouse have yet to return my calls as I pose this question. But since the lamentable Walbrook has tweeted directed to @HemoGenyx in the past they are either complete idiots (well they are) or that is all the confirmation one needs. Which makes the last two tweets on this account all the more outrageous. You can see them below. Bear in mind there has been no supporting RNS.


1177 days ago

Sherlock Holmes fiend Rodger Sergant tries it on with a blockchain spoof at Stapeleton

And so the blockchain spoofing continues. Step forward Stapleton Capital (STC), a standard list shell listed on 21 September to invest in telecoms. Its main man, the Holmes groupie Rodger Sergant has seen the light and the company is now to be known as BlockChain Worldwide (BLOC) The statement issued begs questions for the sleuth at 221B Baker Street.


1184 days ago

CORRECTION: Andrew Monk leaps to the defence of AIQ -the er...wonder stock

Andrew Monk's VSA floated AIQ on the Standard List last week. Its shares soared 1000% and were suspended. As Andrew notes, through the passive investment vehicle RRR I own shares in AIQ (about £10 worth - CORRECTION I am told it is £1841 worth!). I will try to sell the lot as the valuation is insane. But Monk wants to defend his corner so before our writers really go to town - and I am on their side - here is Monkey in his private email to clients today...


1502 days ago

CIC Gold - Ooops the Boy Scout Mugger did it again

Oooops I did it again, said the boy scout mugger Stuart Bromley. Anmther day and another fuck up at Standard List posterboy CIC Gold (CICG), shares in which have been suspended since Novemver 3 2015 as it pursued an all paper RTO of a worthless brown field gold explorer Gobi.


1735 days ago

Highlands Natural - the joke Helium deal with Opera collapses - the lies go on

A month ago Highlands Natural Resources (HNR) announced that it had sold some assets it had bought days previously for $91,000 for £4 million in shares in fellow standard list dog Opera (OPRA) as well as £240,000 in cash. Today that joke deal has collapsed leaving Opera desperately seeking another acquisition and with its credibility in tatters and Highlands needing to explain the lies it has told.


1803 days ago

Trendit - surely someone has got to go to prison, this is FRAUD

Trendit (TRIT) announced on 4th January 2016 that it had "completed a placing of existing and new ordinary shares at 5.53 pence per share, and is raising a total of £4 million before expenses." Its shares duly joined the Standard list and were soon trading at north of 6p. The statement was not a lie but it was so utterly misleading that someone must go to prison.


1807 days ago

CIC Gold - is the end imminent? Tell us about the accounts Scout mugger Bromley

Time and time again we have warned you that CIC Gold (CICG) would see investors lose everything. That is always the way with companies created by the Boy Scout Mugger, the loathsome Stuart Bromley. The shares are currently suspended on the Standard List following a joke RTO but the odds on them ever trading again are longer than that the Great Wall of China.


1848 days ago

Q&A with Charles Barclay of Bluebird Merchant Ventures

Bluebird Merchant Ventures is set to list on the Standard List of the main market this week. We have a few shares in this company, let us be upfront about that. The CEO of Bluebird is Charles Barclay and I asked him a few questions ahead of the IPO


2028 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 24 September - in a good mood which makes me nastier than ever!

In a wide ranging podcast I once again praise the great share blogger Paul Scott, if only to annoy those Bulletin Board Morons who wish to see us be nasty to each other. That will not happen. Elsewhere I comment on LGO Energy (LGO), UK Oil & Gas (UKOG), Armadale Capital (ACP), RM2 International (RM2), London Capital (LCG), JQW (JQW), IMC Exploration and that scumbag Liam McGrattan of US Oil & Gas (USOP) infamy and what that says about Standard Listings, and also on Tungsten (TUNG).