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27 days ago

How come 2.7% of the population get 29.7% of the days?

According to the ONS just 2.7% of the UK population is LGBTQIA+. Wildly over-represented in the media, in politics and in academia, if you spend an evening watching the BBC you might have thought that the number was far greater but it is not.  In London as a whole the percent is just over 3%, out here in the boonies it is far lower. Things are what they are. But other than casting at least one gay character in almost ever TV drama there are other ways in which activists try to persuade us that thereare far more LGBTQ+ folk than there are, so that there can be more demands for special treatment for a community that is more affluent than the straight community and clearly encountering few glass ceilings these days which is, for the avoidance of doubt, a good thing.  Think of gay days.