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Ted Heath

1287 days ago

Theresa May - you are as bad as Blair, Britain is not safer because you bombed Syria - you lie!

The war criminal famously justified his illegal war in Iraq with the claim that British interests could be attacked within 45 minutes by Saddam Hussein's army. That was a lie. Blair claimed attacking Iraq made thee UK safer. Of course in unleashing ISIS and acting as a recruiting sergeant for jihadists everywhere it made Britain far less safe. Blair lied. But over Syria Theresa May has lied in the same way. I quote the most useless Tory PM since Ted Heath on why she ordered the RAF to bomb:


1672 days ago

A night at Shipston with just loathsome Obe for company

My father spent the night in hospital awaiting his operation later today. I head to Warwick later this morning to have a chat before he goes into surgery. Last night he kept himself amused reading a biography of Ted Heath that he had discovered on the ward. Poor Dad: has he not suffered enough? That left me alone in his house here in Shipston with only his cat Obe for company.


2015 days ago

EU parliament wants Turkish to be an official language in Europe - the writing is on the wall

Turkey is not a member of the EU but it is going to be, whatever those behind Project Fear tell you. As of this summer 75 million Turks can travel within the Schengen zone without a visa. And one day soon they will have full travel rights to come to Britain when Turkey gets full membership. 

Mr Cameron and the other figures of the establishment who wish us to say in assure us that Turkey wont be joining the EU with the same sincerity Ted Heath & Harold Wilson told voters in 1975 that Britain's fishing waters would always be for British fishermen only and that all we were joining was a common market. 

But we are not driving the good ship EU. To see which way the wind is blowing look at the EU parliament which seems to have no qualms about the fascist, gay


2230 days ago

And now the Tory press is frothing about who Comrade Corbyn shagged 41 years ago..what a pathetic country

So what. Jeremy Corbyn was newly single. Diane Abbott was single. It was 1974, a lifetime ago. Yet the Tory press is in a frenzy revealing details of what appears to have been a brief affair. So bloody what?

Clearly the Tory press has known about this for a while and has been saving it for the “right time”.

Personally I have rather more interest about who exactly the then Tory leader Mr Edward Heath was bedding at the time. His trips to Jersey on his yacht are – arguably – of greater national concern than Comrade Corbyn entertaining Ms Abbott on a romantic tour of the tractor factories of Eastern Europe. The Tory and mainstream press seem rather less concerned with Heath's sexual adventures.

Pathetic is a word that springs to mind. Boring and banal are two others. What a pathetic country we have become.


2766 days ago

Weekly prize caption Contest – Tory MP Mark Menzies in rentboy and drugs scandal

As a supporter of both gay equality and also a believer in the decriminalisation of prostitution (more on that next week) and of drugs, in an ideal world Tory MP Mark Menzies would today still be a junior minister. But we do not live an in ideal world and thus news that Menzies paid £250 to bunk up with a 19 year old Brazilian rent boy and asked him to buy drugs on his behalf has seen Menzies step down as a junior minister.

In a sense I feel sorry for the chap. But then I read that on the gay marriage bill last year he voted yes but had said he planned to abstain. Why cannot he a little bit more honest about the fact that he is gay. After all, his boss – until today – Alan Duncan is openly gay.

And so the long line of Tory MPs and gay sex scandals goes on. Harvey Proctor (rend boys), Ted Heath (warned for cottaging but hushed up at the time), Stephen Milligan (died playing sex games with an orange), David Ashby (shared bed with male friend on holiday “to save money”), Jerry Hayes (under age sex). Right now Tory MP Nigel Evans is on trial accused of gay rape.

Surely someone should tell these chaps that as the law stands certain activities are somewhat unwise. In light of this all I simply re-run the picture from last week and invite you to post your captions in the comments section below.

For what it is worth my entry is:


2996 days ago

Video Postcard Number #43 – Gibraltar, the Evil Empire, Ted Heath edition

Recorded today I let rip on the subject of Spain & Gibraltar. The sabre rattling by our bankrupt EU comrades sums up all that is wrong with the Evil Empire. My discussion covers fishing tights, the lies of Ted Heath and the issue of self-determination as well as the drivel spouted by deluded lefties on this matter.

My financial video postcard this week covers the looming UK housing bubble, is now up on and can be viewed here


3274 days ago

Paedophile Scandal at BBC and Westminster – it is the establishment cover up and faux outrage that truly revolts

And so in today’s chapter of paedogeddon Home Secretary Theresa May and PM David Cameron claimed to be disgusted by the allegations made against a senior Tory of the Thatcher years ( who everyone now knows the name of but we cannot say) and a new enquiry into events in North Wales children’s homes has been ordered. Over at the BBC an enquiry is underway into allegations made against arch nonce Jimmy Savile and 29 others, some of them celebrities. The Old Bill has very publicly dragged Gary Glitter and Freddie Starr in for questioning and claims that other celeb arrests are imminent. Suddenly the establishment is desperate to be seen to be outraged, shocked and doing something.

It just does not wash. This is faux surprise, faux outrage and bandwagon mounting par excellence but I sense that no-one really believes any of it any more.