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1905 days ago

Ron Howard is backing Hillary Clinton "Scoop" - Can SkyTV's Sophy Ridge be more stupid please?

It seems that the BBCs Kuenssberg & Maitlis are not the only ones claiming bogus scoops this week. SkyTV pundit Sophy Ridge tops up her earnings with a column in the Metro in which, this week, she reported on a freebie visit to Abbey Road Studios to meet Ron Howard as he plugged his new Beatles movie. "He revealed for the first time that he would be supporting Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump: "You look at the resumes and you go with the person who has the degree. I think I would rather go to the doctor who has the degree on the wall."


2160 days ago

InternetQ - where are the Beatles?

You may have noticed that over Christmas the Beatles (or whoever controls the estate)  released their material for streaming services, It is now available on 9 leading streaming services. Strangely...

Akazoo, owned by InternetQ (INTQ) isn’t one of them. In fact it doesn’t even make Wikipedia’s pretty exhaustive list of streaming services

Now InternetQ might say


2719 days ago

Mr Contrarian is a Genius – A Song for Quindell

Blogger Mr Contrarian is our official genius of the day with his Song for Quindell (QPP). This should be sung to the tune of Michelle by The Beatles.

Given that he is such a total genius we recommend that you check out his blog HERE and follow him on twitter @MrContrarian 

Quindell, a sell
These are words that go together well
Quindell, a sell