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The Lobster

1213 days ago

Defining paternal devotion: Mamma Mia Here we Go again (again)

I wrote last week about how the Mamma Mia sequel was right up there with The Lobster as the worst movie I have seen and sat through. I am this week blessed with the presence of my daughter who expressed a burning desire to see, yes, you guessed right, Mamma Mia Here we go again. And thus…being a good father….


1220 days ago

Mamma Mia, Here we go again – even worse than Help as the shittiest flick of all time

Rather surprisingly my aged Uncle Chris Booker had been dragged by his offspring to see Mamma Mia, Here We Go Again, the sequel to Mamma Mia. He considered that it was possibly the worst film he had ever seen.


1588 days ago

I am so 100% excluded from the Inclusive lavatory at the Guardian's fave cinema

It was off to the cinema today with Joshua for a mother and baby screening at the Watershed cinema in Bristol. This is the uber PC movie theatre which is oft praised by the Guardian and likes to show the sort of utterly shite films that the Guardian loves but which would make any right minded person either puke or fall asleep or both. Remember The Lobster - the worst film of 2015? Watershed audiences loved it.


2233 days ago

Be warned: Don’t catch The Lobster at all costs – the worst film of the year

The Mrs saw a trailer for a film she thought was a comedy, The Lobster. Amid some grumbling from myself about watching Suffragettes, she offered this as an alternative. Whatever.

It turns out to be a film about a dystopian word where marriage is compulsory and if you can’t find a partner they turn you into an animal. It was as ludicrous as it was utterly pointless. A few hipsters behind us laughed sporadically but that just confirmed my view that all hipsters are dickheads.  The film contained cringe making faux sexual arousal scenes and gruesome and gratuitous nastiness. 

Colin Farrell did his best as the lead, but The Lobster is without doubt