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85 days ago

Cellular Goods and the claimed “endorsement” from the Metro newspaper & should your Mrs rub your semen on her body

David Beckham backed pot play Cellular Goods (CBX) has axed its boss after serving up a horrible lack of sales warning, as I said it had to do on January 7 HERE, and I shall come to that later. But first just to point out how evil PR spinner Neil Thapar rather over-eggs the pudding when it comes to media endorsements in today’s release. In a series which also included a riveting read “Woman claims mixing semen with her moisturiser gives her glowing skin: Is there any truth in it?”  Thapar et al reckon that the Metro newspaper endorsed Cellular’s products. Well er…


696 days ago

Holly Baxter of the Independent Newspaper says every single US Policeman is a bad cop – This is #scumMedia

In the period January 1 to June 4, there were around 160 million interactions between US cops and US citizens. That resulted in 429 citizens being shot by the Police of whom 88 were black. Blacks were over-represented in this category but they are also disproportionately represented both in terms of victims of violent crime but also perps. This is not exactly genocide as some in BlackLivesMatter claim. Yet some in the media do not view it this way. Meet Holly Baxter of a failing British Deadwood Press turned, as a result of crashing sales, internet-only rag The Independent.


697 days ago

The Reading attack, Faima Bakar, The Metro and why we more and more despise the deadwood press

Some tweets do not age well. This gem below is from Ms Faima Bakar, a journalist on the tawdry free publication The Metro, and it came out on Thursday of last week. Events in Reading, on Saturday, will surely make even more folks who reflect on Ms Bakar’s work despise the dying, deadwood press and its out of touch, intolerant, liberal, elitist values.