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The Old Bill

497 days ago

In the totalitarian Coronavirus state neighbour E wants the Fire Brigade to arrest me

What is it with annoying folks in the world of IT making spurious complaints about me? Having seen off gender fluid, Jew unfriendly, Bidstack owning, libellous moron Mike Turner who oddly reported me to the Old Bill after I exposed him, now it is E an Irish IT chappy who lives up the lane leading to the Welsh Hovel.


2248 days ago

Life on Marbs starring Jon Stretton Knowles (star of the biggest stockmarket fraud for 30 years) goes live

The quite dreadful new TV reality show Life on Marbs went live with episode one tonight. Its star Jon Stretton Knowles is of course a critical figure in the biggest UK stockmarket fraud of the past 30 years, Quindell. Its shares are 80% down and now suspended with investors having lost billions and the Serious Fraud Office, FCA and others are investigatng. No doubt JSK will be having a chat with the Old Bill soon. In case you missed the debut show...

I managed about 30 seconds 


2350 days ago

Why Ultrasis is almost certainly brown bread – Paul Bell arrested

Ultrasis shares (ULT) were suspended on the AIM Casino on March 31 because it appears that Mr Paul Bell,on whose support it was reliant, might not be able to provide the funds. What Ultrasis has not ‘fessed up to is the reason: Mr Bell seems to be in a spot of bother with the Old Bill.On 31 March Ultrasis made its own financial position explicitly clear.


2865 days ago

Star Edison Mining Analyst Charlie Gibson now on Electronic Tag after Scrapping with Policeman in Drunken Brawl

Commissioned Researcher Edison has set up its twitter account to retweet to its followers and customers all articles on this website with the word Edison in the title. Ho. Ho. Ho. For it seems that its star mining analyst, uber posh Charlie Gibson won’t be going on any field trips soon.

Charlie, you may remember, shot to fame with the classic commissioned research note on African Eagle (AFE) claiming that its lead project was worth $400 million. Weeks later African said it could find no funding for Charlie’s gem and went 99% tits up. But it is not crime against sensible investing that we are dealing with here….

Having been given an upper class fishwife ear bashing by Charlie’s C-list TV presenter Mrs, the porcine Tanya Beckett, a few years ago, I feel some pleasure in bringing you the tale of Charlie and the Old Bill.

It seems as if Charlie and his Mrs were having a bit of a domestic