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2540 days ago

John Profumo vs Lance Armstrong

John Profumo’s political career ended in disgrace in the early 1960s. By the standards of today his crime – lying to the House of Commons about an affair – was minor. But he did not look back. He headed off to the East End to work to help poor folks from Toynbee Hall and worked there until his death. He did not seek a comeback or forgiveness. However, his humility and kindness meant that when he died few had a bad word to say about him. He was a good man who appeared to have accepted that he had sinned and wanted to make amends.


3123 days ago

Amara Mining - The Goddess is very clever. It is Official

Within a minute of me having a pop at Amara Mining (AMA) for its joke PFS published today the Goddess is onto me by email. You do not hear from this bird for weeks and then suddenly "Do I get credit for calling it right?" Okay, Ms Goddess you may not (yet) be an East End Girl but your intellect matches your beauty and so to put the record straight: "you are very clever."




3427 days ago

Jack The Ripper – Mystery Solved? Er...and RIP Max Bygraves

Two experts claim to have solved the mystery of the identity of Jack the Ripper, the notorious murderer of five prostitutes in London in the 1890s. This kind of rings a bell or two as we have heard these claims once or twice before. The murders took place largely in the Spitalfields district just a stone’s throw away from the City of London, although one took place in an alleyway a couple of miles away in Whitechapel. Ever since the world has been fascinated by the Ripper. Was he a Prince of England, a Liverpool Doctor, a loony Jew, a freemason or just an ordinary bloke with a penchant for killing hookers? The truth is that we will never know.

The latest name in the frame is Charles Cross, a cartman whose walk from his home in Doveton Street on the borders of Bethnal Green and Stepney to his work in Broad Street took him past the scenes of all the murders*. Okay, that bit is circumstantial. But he was the person who found the first body (that of Polly Nicholls). Indeed as the Old Bill arrived he was actually crouching over it. He claimed he was seeing if she was okay (given how victims were disembowelled this should not have required detailed examination), the authors of the latest book on the Ripper reckon that he was interrupted disembowelling the young lady.

Oh did I mention that there is a book being published?