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3396 days ago

Louise Mensch MP on Drugs: Dumb & (now) Dumber

I have been wanting to write about Louise Mensch MP ever since I pointed out what a daft bint she was (here) a couple of weeks ago. I am delighted that she has presented me with an opportunity so soon. My desire to have another crack is partly driven by just how silly a person this MP is and partly because I was accused of misogyny in having a pop at her and Chloe Smith MP last time around.


3408 days ago

Dumb & Dumber: Louise Mensch MP and Chloe Smith MP?

I had thought that the daft Labour MEP who said a couple of weeks ago that Britain should have joined the Euro was the thickest representative we have. But I fear she has competition from two of the new intake of Tory MPs: Louise Mensch and Chloe Smith.

The latter is a junior treasury minister. Go about half way through this Newsnight report from last night to see her being destroyed by Paxman. It really is a train wreck. The woman gabbles but fails to answer one question properly. She contradicts herself and leaves you with the unavoidable impression that she is just plain stupid.

As for Mensch, she has tweeted this morning that petrol is 9p cheaper under the Tories than under Labour and that this is a reason to vote Conservative. The reason it is cheaper is that the oil price has fallen which is nothing whatsoever to do with which party is in power at Westminster. Big Brother says he has reduced the price of petrol and that the 5 year plan is on track. Let all of us in Airstrip One celebrate and thank Big Brother. Well no thanks. Hopefully no-one will believe such an obvious pile of tosh.

Both of these women are seen as rising stars in Tory circles which says as much about how useless our Government is than about their intellectual failings. That such prize imbeciles fill up the sofas at Westminster and in Brussels, costing the grateful taxpayer an arm and a leg is just another indication that we have too much Government and too many representatives.

Would you honestly care if there were only 300 MPs rather than 650? Frankly I’d be happy if there was just one MP as long as it was Dan Hannan. Okay, I would not, even Dan could not be trusted as a dictator but if the USA with 250 million people can get by with 535 elected national politicians why, with 60 million people, do we need 650 (plus all the low grade expense pilferers in the Scottish & Welsh assemblies) representatives? The current system may provide work for otherwise unemployable imbeciles like Chloe Smith but it is a very costly way of reducing the dole queues.