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Tucker Carlson

748 days ago

First they came for the statues, then they came for the comedians, now the book burning has started...

Last week started with the woke mob coming for the statues. Often they got the wrong guy, as in this case, but we live in a post fact era. Then they came for the comedians. I had thought that the book burnings would not get underway for a fortnight or so but, as ever, the inolerance of the Marxist Madrassas formerly known as British Universities continues to be world leading.


1542 days ago

13 minutes of Tucker Carlson on Syria - has hopeless Mrs May or Donald Trump any answer to this?

Conservative broadcaster Tucker Carlson may not be to everyone's taste although I think he is superb. But I challenge anywone to watch his thoughts on Syria - which very much echo my own - and say whether the wretchedly useless Mrs May or Donald Trump have any sort of answer. They do not. There is no case for war. Enjoy.


1558 days ago

Video: Fleet Street Sex Scandal Old Hand Mark Steyn on #StormyDanielsDay

On the Tucker Carlson show the great Mark Steyn took apart the Stormy Daniels sex scandal "engulfing" President Trump. Of course it is not, as I noted HERE - Steyn takes this apart superbly. It is very funny. Enjoy.