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3182 days ago

Huhne and his ex get 8 months each - twitter shows no sympathy

If he was not such a sanctimonious git who has been wrong on every issue of the past 15 years and if his wife was not such a revolting piece of work you might feel a shred of sympathy for Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce as they each prepare for an eight month stretch. As it happens, like 99% of the population I delight in the downfall of this ghastly couple who typify all that is so revolting about the political class. And it seems that twitter agrees...


I wonder if Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce are one of those annoying couples who finish each other's sentences.

Cruel and inhumane >> @nedsimons: Lembit Opik telling BBC News he will happily visit Chris Huhne in jail.

One last thought about #Huhne - when Clegg was elected over him, was the party merely picking the lesser of two weasels?

#Huhne and #Pryce symptomatic of endemic political criminality Let's just turn Parliament into a Category A jail and be done with it

No Nick Clegg, a personal family tragedy is your child being hit by a speeding motorist & nearest A&E is miles away due to NHS cuts #Huhne

bet chris #huhne thought his ex's had stayed this way boy 3 - our lips are sealed

Breaking news: #Huhne tries to make Vicky Pryce take his 8 months for him

#Huhne learned the hard way not to give penalty points to your wife! I'm not that stupid, I make sure #Clegg takes mine!

Breaking News: #huhne to appeal sentence. Requests that his wife picks up the soap in the showers for him.

Sentenced to 8 months isn't so bad. It's been ten years since #Pryce and #Huhne have gone down together.

The ultimate punishment would be to be denied PR. To have to beg for a slave labour job at a Job Centre just like the rest of us. #huhne

@Scarletstand Thank god one of them didn't pen a facebook status vaguely threatening something vague, or they would've got longer. #huhne


3186 days ago

Mrs Huhne (Vicky Pryce) Guilty Too – Good News

And so the jury has found that Vicky Pryce, aka the former Mrs Huhne, is like her ex husband a liar and a criminal. She has been found guilty and now we can await with pleasure, the sentencing of the gruesome pair. Mrs Huhne, a very successful career woman who stood up the Euro fanatic Chris numerous times tried to claim that in relation to the speeding points Mr Huhne bullied her into perverting the course of justice. It did not wash.

It has also emerged today how she tried to blacken Huhne’s name by tipping off journalists about his share trading and all because the wind-farm loving scumbag ditched her to run off with a hideous lesbian. They sound like a truly ghastly couple and it is hard to have sympathy for either as they both prepare to spend time doing porridge.

The fun does not stop here as it now emerges that senior Lib Dems including Vince Cable and Nick Clegg’s wife were all aware of the points story well before it appeared in the papers. Naturally the Lib Dems deny that they knew about. Just like none of them knew that their former CEO Lord Rennard was in fact Jabba The Hut.

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