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Wendi Deng

2926 days ago

Video Postcard from Tom Winnifrith #53 – Freedom of information applies only to little people

This is the last week when you will see Tom Winnifrith wearing his Movember tash. 

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This week’s theme is how the powerful  in this case Nick Clegg and Wendy Deng’s friend Tony Blair) use the law to try to stop us finding out what they are up to in a way that we would not be able to do.

FOI applies only to little people.

This is so Orwellian.


2926 days ago

Tony Blair not shagging Wendi Deng, the ex-Mrs Murdoch – quote of the century

I was way ahead of the curve in reporting that Tony Blair had NOT been shagging Wendi Deng, the ex Mrs of Rupert Murdoch. We did this way back in June HERE

But it seems that the Nationals are NOW busy reporting the numerous times that the old war criminal stayed chez Wendi but clearly did not shag her. Hell’s teeth! If one was married to a sex kitten, the bolshie bombshell, Cherie why on earth would any man stray?

Blair is apparently having a bit of a tough time as he tries to get certain elements of the Chilcot enquiry into the Iraq war suppressed.

Apparently the old War Criminal reckons that this might show that he told a pack of lies.  And it is in this vein that I bring you the quote of the Century from today’s Mail:

Several of Mr Blair’s close friends have asked him directly if he had an affair with Ms Deng. He has vehemently denied it to all of them.

One of those who challenged him said: ‘I believe Tony. He would never do such a thing and he is not a liar.’


Well that settles that then… 


3094 days ago

Friday Caption Contest on a Sunday – Wendi Deng Edition

News that 147 year old media mogul Rupert Murdoch is to divorce his stunning 44 year old wife of 14 years Wendi Deng has got the media speculating. I would naturally cover it in the style of a Murdoch paper: facts wrong, extreme sensationalism and with no pretence of balance.

And so naturally one wonders what, fifteen years ago, attracted the phew what a scorcher Ms Deng to the filthy old man then aged only 133? But what folks are wondering now is why the split? Already Tony Blair’s office has had to state that the old war criminal is not having an affair with Wendi. Heck, if you were married to the Wicked Witch what could possibly make you want to stray?

And so this week there is again no prize on offer other than glory and a chance to be rude about figures who ask for it but post your captions for the picture below in the comments section by midnight on Friday.


For what it is worth my entry is:

“That rare entity… a working couple who have not been screwed by Tony Blair”