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Will Tindall

3134 days ago

Ask a PR Man a simple question – Will Tindall at the airport

“Tom Winnifrith, well I never.” What the hell… I turned round as I wandered around baggage recalim at Gatwick airport with only one thing on my mind, to see Will Tindall, PR man and active member of the Linedin Cement and Concrete production discussion group. Just back from a week’s skiing he looked in good form. A brief pleasantry followed but I had to ask “Do you know where the loo is?”

In PR you always know the answer and so without a moment’s thought Will stated “It is over there” pointing in a specific direction.  Helpful, knowing your facts – the ever efficient PR man.

Except having come from “over there” I knew that “over there” was the one place at Gatwick devoid of loos. And so I headed in the opposite direction, as we agreed to meet for a beer later in the week. 180 degrees away from “over there” turned out to be the right call.

I look forward to that beer Will.